what's in a name.

Why the title Mean Mommy Academy?  

I started out with that name because I...

... make my kids go to bed at a reasonable time.
... don't let them eat cake for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
... don't let them run with scissors.
... don't let them color on walls.
... require that homework be done before playing on the computer.
... make them take baths or showers.
... require washed hands before eating.
... don't let them pick a toy/treat every time we go to the store.
... remind them to brush their teeth morning and night.
... take away privileges when they get sassy.
... ask them not to pick their noses, but to get a tissue.
... don't let them use the entire bottle of bubble bath at once.
... etc.

I started this blog with the intent to find humor in every day life, to laugh at all the craziness of motherhood.  But it has evolved into a blog about more than that.  I wanted to make people happy- to make their day better.  So, hoping to bring a smile to someone's day, I also blog about my life and what I love.  (Which still mostly entails laughing and being with my kids.) 

Thanks for stopping by! --xoxo