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Need I say more?  I could stop right now and leave this post with just the Title, but I feel obligated to continue.  

I love my Husband.  Deeply.  Shamelessly.  We've got a Groovy Kinda Love.  Not Kidding.  But sometimes I feel that under that 30-something year old body lies a 6 year old boy with authority issues.  ME being the Authority.  

Let's talk Trash.  We have 2 bins.  Trash {which gets picked up on Saturdays} and Recycle {which is retrieved on Wednesdays}.  All I Ask is that he take the little black milk crate out to the larger bin when it gets full.  And that when the bag in the trash can is FULL, that he just grab the handle {because I have taken it OUT of the can and tied it up like a sweet and loving wife and placed it graciously where he can just grab 'n go} and take it out with him to the side of the house.  

Simple, right?

Here is our recycle crate as of today.  

Here's the crate after I went on a 'treasure hunt'.  
See?  It is in there!  

I was also going to take a picture of the 2 garbage bags that I had left IN the garage {yes!  I even took them a little farther this time!}, but apparently my sweetheart's sense of smell was working today, because I just went out there and they're gone.  YAY!  Can I just tell you how badly garbage smells when it "cooks" in a garage during 100 degree weather?

Note To Self:  Husband's Eyes Do Not Work, but his Nose Still Does.

{BTW- Click here to read another great "trash" story...}

Earlier today...

...I'm minding My Own Business when out of NOWHERE my hubby starts yelling at me to "come here".  So I huff and puff {in anger that he's yelling at me, not because I'm out of shape *snort*}, and make my way up to him as he demands to know why there is a Chunk of Poo on the stairs.  As he begins to chew me out for not 'watching' my daughter better {lately she has had this TERRIBLE habit of changing her diaper all by herself}, I tell him I don't believe it's poo and that he should lift it up and show me {*snicker* that'll teach him}.  Guess what?  HE DOES!!!! Laughing at that fact that he just picked up a piece of dried poo {even though I was Positive is was something else}, I meet him at the top of the stairs and realize that he's holding a piece of black dried-up play dough!  

Although I am proud of him for finding our next "white elephant" gift for this Christmas, you can still bet I demanded an apology!

...the joys of being married...

... to a man.

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One Cluttered Brain said...

LOL! Yes totally understand about the trash thing. It must be a guy thing cause my honey does the same thing. Trash has to be falling out of the can before he will take it out. Oh brother!

tammy said...

We have the same garbage/husband problem at our house. Luckily my son is old enough to pick up some of the slack, but it still drives me crazy!

pan x 8 said...

I totally love it!! How come it takes years to learn that garbage duty??? hehehehe... and LMBO on that dried up poo!! ;p

Thanks for the award - you are very sweet! ;p

Mama Nut said...

LOL. They drive you nuts, but you still can't live without them!! The poop on the stairs... hahaha laughed my butt off!

I wrote a post on Men's Listening skills a while back (before you saw the light and joined my fan club... heheh)


This was one of my first posts... if you read the one after, it's my husband's response. Too much fun!

I love living with a man, gives me so much writing material. In fact, I have one in mind already for Mon's post :) *evil grin*

Heather said...

OH my husband would be in such hot water!! It would be a good time to make him buy you chocolates to go with that apology!

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