{ burn out }

No, I'm not talking about drag races.  I'm talking about 

I don't know about you, but summer here has been a smorgasbord of trying to keep my children entertained {since we are not blessed with a backyard, this makes it extremely difficult}, making sure they get enough exercise {they would watch tv for hours if they could}, picking up after all the messes {ugh} and making sure I remain sane.  So I decided to take them swimming yesterday.  For a while.  
Armed with sunscreen, floatation devices and sunscreen, we proceed to the pool.  
Here is evidence that we had a great time:

Apparently my ever so fair skin could not handle the Desert Sun.  Thank goodness my kids have their daddy's skin.  And I know I now look 'normal' colored, but trust me- I'm burnt.

If you've ever had a sunburn, you know that it takes all the 'umph' out of you.  
And I am physically 'umph'-ed out.  And emotionally.  It seems, dear readers, that I may be failing in my quest to provide a smidgen of laughter into your Jam-packed-and-somewhat-chaotic-at-times Lives.  So I am now on a mission to make myself :
1 | a better writer
2 | a better mother
3 | more humorous

These are my summer goals.
And this is how I plan to achieve them:

1 | read more books {the more classic, the better}
2 | MAKE time to read more books
3 | MAKE time to read more books to kiddos
4 | laugh more, yell less
5 | breathe
6 | watch Brian Regan {take notes}
The reason I feel like I am falling a tad short is because someone reviewed MMA and said  "Please. Pointless rantings and randomish thoughts of a mom of 2 crazy kids."  

First of all, thank you- this has made me want to achieve my summer goals That Much More.

Second, I don't know how to change the 'randomish thoughts' part- that was my intent when I first joined Camryn in the blogging world.  So I apologize, but that won't be changing.  That's what this blog is- my 'randomish thoughts' on being a wife, mother and woman.  I ramble.  I'm a rambler.  So if my ramblings bother you, I'm sure there are PLENTY of other blogs out there for you to read.  Please take note though, if you read a food blog, it's going to be about food.  If you read a DYI blog, it's going to be about projects you can do yourself.  And if you read a blog about the ramblings of a SAHM, that's exactly what you're going to get.  I know.  This is all very helpful advice.  And your welcome.

Third- please define crazy.  Crazy as in haha funny crazy?  Because if it's any other kind of crazy- shame on you for saying that about someone else's children.  Only I can say my kids are crazy.  BUT you did make another truthful point- I DO have 2 of them.  {And for fear of sounding like a 'snob mom', I will not tell you that they really are angels who are so good and whom I love with my ENTIRE soul.  But I won't tell you that.}  

And fourth- I'm not perfect or funny- never claimed to be.  But I find LiFe funny and love to write about it.  And heaven knows that I'm not good at that either.  But Practice Makes Perfect.  {And since I'm a mommy now, I can use all of those 'sayings' without any remorse.  I have earned the right.}

And now that my pointless rantings and randomish thoughts are done, I will add the statements of this helpful review to my mission statement {lest anyone else should get confused about what MMA is all about}, check to see if my daughter is still dry {yes, still potty training} and bathe in aloe vera.

Love you all!  

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Melody said...

I am so with you trying to keep the kids entertained. I'm so ready for school to begin again! And btw....I'd love to have your ability to express humor. I always laugh when I'm here! Thanks for that!

Amber Lynae said...

Someone reviewed your blog???? And they didn't love it???? Weirdo. Your blog is awesome. Sorry some people suck.

pan x 8 said...

First of all, thank you for my lovely reward gift I received. I love them all!

Second, how does someone review your blog and then have the audacity to critique your ramblings?? Isn't this the reason we get do this so we can see that we really aren't crazy and that most of our Mommy lives are on a parallel universe?? And once we know we aren't alone, we will feel more inspired to keep going and to do better???

Some readers should just stay readers and not comment because holy cow! I agree with you ~ there are millions of other blogs out there to choose from, move on!

Sorry about that because I happen to love your blog!

AnnieAd said...

Well said, Jordan! Congratulations on doing a very classy job of telling that reviewer where they can go - - read other blogs.

Kris said...

Boy....that sounds horrible. Glad you have a backbone and are standing up for yourself. I'd hate to have them read mine...they'd think I was insane!

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