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Is your ability to multi-task dwindling?  I know mine is.  Good thing it's Friday.  And not just ANY Friday...it's:

As a mom {and woman}, I feel it is a requirement to be able to multi task.  I have had no problems with this during the course of my life until recently.  I fear my children have taken my brain cells.  They sucked them out while still in the womb.  So I am almost to the point of only being able to do one thing at a time.  Which means, I am Slowly Turning into a MAN.  


But I have put being a mommy aside to announce this weeks giveaway!  
{'Cuz Heaven knows I can't do both at the same time}

A star light, 
Star bright, 
Awesome necklace that says

This weeks giveaway is generously donated by:

She makes fun, flirty and one of a kind jewelry.  Honestly, her earrings made me want to go out and pierce my ears.  I would do that for these beauties:
 Scarlet Rose EarringsCLEARANCE Ashley Earrings in Aqua
Go Green Flower Earrings
She has some adorable stuff.  AND go to her etsy shop because she is having a Buy One Get One Free Sale!!!!  Plus there's lots of clearance items that you can grab for a steal!  Check it out!

Now, here's how to enter.  Just leave a comment!  In the past we have had you all answer a question in the comments section, but maybe this has deterred some of you from entering!  So just leave a comment!  It can be as short as "Hi" or it can be as long as an autobiography of your life.  We would love to learn more about you, but don't let that hold you back from commenting!  If you're feeling REALLY creative- tell us the most funny thing that has happened to you this summer- leave it all out there!

Good Luck!

Contest ends next Thursday, the 23rd.  
And don't forget to head on over to MMU to see last week's Winner!

{And did you notice I uses a LOT of exclamation points in this post.  Sheesh!}

Again, MMA and MMU helping to keep your summer Pain Free.
Oh, and

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Shannon said...

Happy Friday!! That's a way cute necklace. I think all my Twilight friends would be soo jealous. By the way...you don't have your ears pierced? Doesn't everybody nowadays. Thanks for having such a fun blog.

MommyMert said...

Can I win again? Cause I am diggin' on the necklace... the envy of all the Edward/Bella/Jacob fans... I can hold them all close to my heart. teehehe.. :)

tina said...

I am leaving my comment. I love the earings too. Thanks for the laughs.

camerapatty said...

My daughter is a huge fan of Twillight. I have lost track of how many times she has read the entire series. This would make a wonderful Xms gift for her.

Amber Lynae said...

You girls are so much fun. I hope that you are having a fun week. My husband and I are entertaining family and going to the beach, and trying to put on offer on a short sale. Fun times.

Scrap-e-Blog said...

Hey this is Cori! I run Scrap-e-Blog (cute, free blogger backgrounds).... Just leaving a comment. Cute jewelry! I love Twilight! Great website.... I will be adding your button to my page. I'm a huge fan of Mean Mommy University as well!

Chrissy, said...

How could I not commet with that necklace at sake!!!!!! I miss seeing you this summer!

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