{ *#@&%$*! }

{I  couldn't think of a good title for this post.} 

Here's my beef.  I have attended many a baby/bridal shower in my lifetime.  And it's an unwritten rule {I don't know why} that one must play those silly games there.  You know, the kind where you can win an extra phenomenal gift or prize or candy bar.  The games where you guess the baby food or spices, or those Totally RIGGED Memory Games.  Curse them.  They're rigged, I tell ya.  I haven't been able to figure out the secret yet.  Just when I think "Yes!  This is the day.  This is the day I will FINALLY win!",  BAMMM!!!!  Someone's Grandma or Aunt or BFF dishes out a Heavy Dose of Sneak Attack and CLAIMS the prize that was supposed to be MINE!!!!  Let me tell ya, if you want to win at the memory game, please make sure you bring me along.  I will personally guarantee winnings for and yours.  

It's not fair.  And they have a sign for it.
Actually, I did win a prize at a bridal shower.  Once.  But that's because there were 3 people there and three prizes to be given away.  I was bound to win one of them.  YAY!!!!  But that is it.  I have pretty much given up on giveaways, because my luck is like that of the rabbit who lost its foot to someone's keychain.  I can't even win a blasted candy bar.  And forget Fairs or Carnivals.  {Which I KNOW are rigged.}  
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So that is why this week's Fancy Free Giveaway is sooo spectacular.  If you are unfortunate enough to lay claim to the same kind of luck I have, then this is the week for you.  There is a chance for 3 people to win.  THREE.  Chances are high my friends!  Please click HERE.  It ends tomorrow night...

So this is me wishing you luck.  Don't give up.  And in the spirit of Non-Giving-Up, I have tried to change my luck and entered here.  You can too, unless you are one of those *#@&%$* blasted souls who win Everything They Enter For!  Then you are not allowed.  Give the rest of us a chance!

There.  It's off my chest.  I feel so much better.  Whew- this blogging thing can be very cleansing...

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