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There is a reason why we women do the shopping. Especially when it comes to birthdays. Because something phenomenal happens when it comes to the male brain.

It Translates.
It translates EVERYTHING. You tell them to get one thing and those wheels begin a turnin'. Sparks start flying, smoke gets conjured up, data gets pushed around. They analyze your idea about that object, come up with a better solution or idea, and then can't even remember what you told them to get in the first place, so they end up just guessing about what you told them you needed. Which is why we have to be very specific when it comes to writing our lists {verbal lists are completely useless}. And even then it doesn't compute clearly. Which is why we must obey our one true motto:

If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.

Read Camryn's post about her man's computed 'solution' to the birthday present conundrum!

Happy Monday!

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