{ ode to spring break }

here's just something about school breaks that I love. Here's why:

Staying in jammies all day is perfectly acceptable.

Not showering for 2 days is perfectly acceptable.

Eating nothing but junk food is perfectly acceptable.

I get to choose if I want to make a big breakfast or if we'll just have cereal- not the clock.

Not realizing that you have been playing the wii for 2 straight hours is totally acceptable.

Going outside because you want to, not because you have to is divine.

Blog stalking is so much more fun when you have a solid 4 hours to do whatever you want.

But can't cuz the guilt sets in and the kids need some brain stimulation...
... So we went to the fire station!
{Perks of having an uncle who's a firefighter.}

I drove a fire truck peeps.

I was scared.

But people lived.

I didn't kill any cones.

No one wet their pants.

Especially me.

Now for some visuals:

Proof of gender differences:
While JD was completely fascinated with the gears and gadgets and how things worked...
...Em was busy with her photo shoot.
And the mannequin? Well, he was busy too...
...and I was taking notes.
Soot? Check.
Cement? Check.
Birthday suit? Ummm...

It was a fabulous day. Kids had fun. My cough got worse. {You know it's bad when you can feel the build-up in your lungs.} But it was worth it.
Oh the things we do for our kids...

Now back to playing hostess- my sis comes into town tonight which brings the people count to 10! All in my 1300 sq ft town home! Sa-weet!




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Wym said...

How cool you get a private tour of the fire house and a drive!!! Did you do the siren?!! I hear you on the small house. I just hosted 5 kids for a slumber party in the same size place.

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