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Remember when Las Vegas' advertising strategy was to make it 'Fun for the whole Family'?

News Flash.
So not the case anymore.
Vegas is Dirty.
And expensive.

At least it was when we visited the Excalibur Hotel for 10 hours too long...
We were on our way to Utah, and Mr. Smith decided it would be super awesome fun to stay the night in Vegas. So we pulled up to the hotel, and walked into the nearest entrance, only to find that the check in desk was smack dab in the middle of this massive hotel. So we walk past the shiny 'games', bright lights, smoking bystanders, bars and restaurants to get to said check in desk.

And there I saw it.
Right in the middle of the 'Lobby' was a lady.
On a Stage.
Near a Pole.
Wearing Something one would find on page 34 of a Victoria Secrets magazine.
In the middle of the 'Lobby'.
Right there.
In plain sight.
With. a. Pole.

I used my body and luggage as a barrier for my son, and saw my hubby {who had Em on his shoulders} trying to turn his body away and start to do a little jog past the bystanders {a couple of under-fourteen-boys included}.

I have never been so infuriated.

{Until we checked into the room. Nasty business people, I will not tell you the HORRIBLE condition this room was in, and the perm-gone-bad smell that saturated the air, or the number of broken/chipped items, or the number of lights that didn't work, or the long black hair that I found, or the greasy film that covered all door knobs and light switches. No I will not tell you about that.}

The point of my story is what happened while standing in the check out line the next morning.

My daughter came up to me with the most delighted look on her face:
"Mommy! Go watch the dancer?! How 'bout that?!"
Crap. Despite my hubby's best efforts, she had seen Panty Pole Girl the night before.
{Oh, I think it's hilarious now, just not at that moment}

Shame on you Excalibur. Shame on you for exposing my little girl who LOVES dancing to that kind of crap. Now I have to teach a three year old that some dancing is NOT okay. Like she's gonna understand.

Guess there will be no more dancing around the house, nearly naked, allowed under this roof...

{Mr. Smith will be so disappointed...}

LOL! I soooooo kid....


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And now I must go and find a top to go with my daughter's tutu...

Have an Awesome Weekend!


ps - my deepest apologies if any of this doesn't make sense, just know that prescription strength pain relievers are pumping through my body at the moment.
Things get kinda crazy when that happens...

***Post Note:***
Before judging me for taking my kids to Sin City, please read my clarification on this post here.
We were told that Vegas was cheap and totally fine if we did certain things and avoided others.
This post was to serve as a warning for those who have heard the same thing and wanted to try it out. My advice? Don't.

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Gina said...

Vegas is dirty. I remember going for a swing dancing convention during college (with a couple of friends who were also LDS) and one of the guys said "NEVER look at the ground in Vegas. You might think it's better than the people around you, but looking at the ground will cause you to lose your virtue"

Never were truer words spoken.

Jess said...

The last time I was in Vegas I was 20 years old & freshly married. We were living in UT & Captain Awesome was working for the airlines. So we met friends of ours in Vegas for the day.

It was supposed to be a fun adventure. And there were parts of it that were but for the most part I just felt dirty & disappointed in the whole place.

From the guys on the street handing out porn & advertisements for more porn to the nsaty tobacco & smoke filled hotels. Everywhere we went made me feel grimy & gross. I could not wait to leave. We haven't been anywhere near Vegas since.

Liz Kirkby said...

Bwahaha!!! You took your family to the Vegas Strip and then blame the HOTEL for exposing your kids to scum??!?wow, that's funny. Funny in a very sad sort of way.

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