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You know that age your children reach when you cannot DO or SAY anything because they will repeat it?

I'm still laughing. At Cam's daughter's comment. Hilarious. Check out what she said at mmu.

It's times like this that I am grateful my 7 year old is in Speech Therapy...

{Hey, glass half full, right?}

And guess what is coming today!!

A certain package from here.

I keep checking the UPS web site, like it will magically show me a map with a blinking dot following the truck that holds my precious cargo...

...but it doesn't.

Hope you all have a great week!

'cuz Halloween time is almost here.


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Lori said...

A few things here:
I also love Halloween. :)
I also have children that were notoriously saying the right thing at the wrong time. They grew up to be more aware, but they're still just as honest, albeit tempered with a bit more tact. (They still crack me up.)
AND...I absolutely LOVE the layout, colors, and open space of your blog. I love that you use varied fonts that are complimentary to each other. It looks fantastic.

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