{ my healthy, non-workout-or-diet resolution }

Let's face it.

Healthy food is expensive, and not-so-great-for-you food is easier on the pocket book. Our family feasts upon such items as top ramen, mac 'n cheese, spaghetti, peanut butter sandwiches, rice, etc. {It's what happens when Daddy is in school} The massive thing these foods have in common? They're all carbohydrates.

Carbs are cheap. And easy and quick to make. And cheap.

No, we don't eat that much 'junk food' and yes, we drink lots of milk and we throw in yogurt, oatmeal, beans, fruits and veggies, etc. here and there, but I feel that we are missing out on the daily consumption of fresh, wholesome foods that provide one with the proper nutrients and vitamins.
And let's be honest with ourselves: hotdogs and chicken nuggets aren't loaded with proper nutrients and vitamins. ;)

So even though {at this present moment}, we have to purchase slightly-less-than-good-for-you food items to stay within our budget, I am bound and determined to have an "I'm going to change my life in a healthy way" goal on my 2011 resolution list. And since I know that I am not one of those who keep up with ANY physical fitness routine or diet for longer than 2 weeks {unless money/a prize/competition with someone else is involved}, I decided to be realistic with this type of goal.

Our family is going to take a multi-vitamin every. single. day.

Simple. Easy. Important.

It's my kind of goal. And more importantly, one I can keep up with for more than 2 weeks... ;)

Do you have a simple and easy resolution? I'd love to hear about it!

a few healthier living resources:
healthy living today - HealthyLiving Portal.net

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Rachy said...

I want to exercise regularly, but the elliptical in our house is breaking, and I don't want to use it for fear that I will be the one it dies on....That's my healthy resolution that tried to be.

Kayli said...

Amen to this post! I love the multivitamin idea! My son is one of those kids who will eat a cracker for breakfast and won't eat for the rest of the day. Doc says its normal but I feel better knowing he had his Flintstone with that cracker!

Anonymous said...

I too cannot do anything for more than 2 weeks...if im honest I struggle with a couple of days lol. Im currently doing a Beat The Blues challenge (why not have a go?) and have already succumbed to chocolate! ha

Rachy said...

Hey, you've been tagged. Start thinking of 15 interesting facts. (see my blog for more info! :D)

EmmyLouWho said...

I just found you (thanks to MMB and your fridge post!) and am so glad I did! I love this post, sounds so much like my house right now!!! (Even the hubby in school part!)

Thanks for entertaining me!

lisha said...

Bountiful Baskets (dot) org has become my healthy eating solution. I am in ID and I know they are in several states in the west. $15 a week for 20-30 lbs. of produce is definetly in my budget. Check them out if you havent' already.

trisha*n said...

Hey! Love your blog...and I love that you want to change just one good thing! That's what it is all about! Best of luck :)

Blogger said...

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