{ new and improved little piggies }

The other night, my daughter wanted to play 5 Little Piggies. You know, the one where you pinch the toes? I went to start the "This little piggie..." process, and she wailed that SHE wanted to do it to me. So I let her. I think she may have forgot the words, because they were not what I remembered them being. Or maybe she thought the original was lame, so she decided to come up with her own version. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Em's version of The 5 Little Piggies {with completely necessary and colorful illustrations by yours truly}:
This Little Piggie stayed home.
This Little Piggie went to her mother's.
This Little Piggie said, "Oh poop".
This Little Piggie said a naughty word and had to go to time-out.
And This Little Piggie said "WWWWWWEEEEEEEEE!!!!"

I enjoyed her version. Tons more fun. But, is this a reflection of what goes on in our home? Good gracious, I hope not. Um, no. It is not. My mother lives a whole state away.

And we never say naughty words in our home. *cough* *cough*

And why would my amazingly behaved children EVER throw flour around?

Nope. Never happens. It must be someone else's family she was referring to.


Hope you and your piggies have a great weekend! --xoxo

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Angie Spiker said...

Definitely more fun in her version!

kayli sue said...

Oh my goodness aren't little kids the best?? I remember when my little sister covered herself in honey and then rolled herself in oats. Oh good times!

Ps. I love your illustrations! You are so talented! It deffinitely added to the new and improved version.

Anonymous said...

I so love your blog! I gave you an award over at my blog. Feel free to stop by and grab it! Dana @ D'Lea Designs


mindy said...

I love her! SO CUTE! And THANK YOU THANK YOU for my csn prize I can't wait to shop!!!!

Rachy said...

So so cute!

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