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Before I begin, I want to state, for the record, that I will never make fun or laugh at someone with a speech disorder.  But little children who pronounce things wrong while they are learning and growing, is an entirely different matter.  It's innocently cute.  It's laughably adorable.  Hop on over to Camryn's blog to see her daughter's new toy, and what she calls it.

It's a crab.  And she pronounces her 'b's, 'p's.  ;) 

Hope you all have a fantastic week! --xoxo

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Rambling Heather said...


Em @ Inspired Coincidences said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog today!! You are one of the bloggers that I completely admire and love to read so it made my day!

kimber said...

hey, thanks for stopping by Happy Momma! Kids are too funny

kimber said...

ps, how did you find me?

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh believe me, my little son has a lisp, which he's going to speech therapy for.

Let's just say "truck" never came out right. Eh hem... :D

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