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Once upon a time, there was a girl.  A girl who went shopping.  And this girl came across an beautiful bag, sitting on a table, calling her name.  {And she was fairly certain Angels were singing}  As she hurried over to the bag, like they do in the movies with Chariots of Fire playing in the background, her heart was beating, knowing she had found True Love.

And then, with a sudden blow, her dreams were crushed.  Smashed.  Destroyed in the instant it takes one to turn over the price tag.

No.  This bag was not for her.

But she dreamed.  She dreamed of being reunited with that Straw Beauty.

And then she found something else.  Something that didn't cause heart attacks when one flipped over the price tag.  In fact, it would make Angels sing again.  So she grabbed one, and took it home with her.  The bag wasn't much now, but with a teeny make-over it would be alluring.

And it was.  A ruffle here, a flower there: this bag was turning out better than she could even hope for, and for a fraction of a fraction of the Bag At The Store's price.

And that's where the lightbulb turned on.  Why should she be selfish?  Why shouldn't she make a bunch for the entire world to enjoy? {Or at least North America?}  And she could still sell them at a fraction of the price while making enough for her time.  She made a bunch and decided to call her new "shop":

And that, my dear bloggy friends, is what happened.  And I am now reaching out to you.  I experimented with friends and family and got great results.  So I'm trying out a new business venture.  While supplies last.  I'd like to introduce you to: The Lakeside Market Tote

{in cream}
And her sisters:

:: Please Specify Color ::

Each bag measures 12" wide, 10" tall, and 4" deep.  All come with navy blue lining.  {That's how the straw bags originally come, and since I'm not experienced in the art of grass weaving to make my own bags, I'm stuck with that color. ;) }  As of right now {since this venture is strictly in the experimental stages}, I can only ship to the continental US via First Class mail.  Hopefully this will change!

Only $15!

These bags are perfect for Easter or Mother's Day.  Do you know someone who needs some Ruffly Arm Candy?  --xoxo

{In the event that the Paypal button is not working, please email me @ pearsnickity(at)yahoo(dot)com}

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Cheeseboy said...

That exact story happened to me too. Only I ended up with new fishing waders.

Rambling Heather said...

oooooh so beautiful!!!

Kenda said...

New follower from BlogFrog - hope you'll come by TheCaffeineCoquette.com and say hello!

Emily Joyce said...

I am in awe of your crafting skills! Does the price of the bag include shipping?

Kurt+Amy said...

I love them they are so beautiful perfect for summer!

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