{ why you can't play yu-gi-oh at our house }

It's not that I'm against the Yu-gi-oh card game.  My son loves it.  And it gets his imagination working.    But the rules make no sense whatsoever.  So when it comes to this game at our house, we don't play by the rules.  We make them up.

The numbers on the cards mean nothing.

The icons on the cards mean nothing.

The special abilities listed on the cards mean nothing.

All that is required to play is a bunch of bull.  Straight up.  And the fact that you have watched the cartoon show at least once to know the lingo. {Yes, it only takes one episode to figure that out.}  Numbers are made up.  Special abilities, weapons and magic defenses are created on the spot.  Life/attack points only depend on what your opponent just said, meaning, you go bigger and better.  And you must be able to create your own sound effects.  Although, singing your own background music is optional.  {I award myself extra life points when I compose my own theme song while playing.  True story.}   

The names of the creatures/monsters on the cards are the only thing we go by.   

So you see, if you are a real Yu-gi-oh card player {or firmly believe that one must play every game by the exact rules}, you can't play with us.  We would drive you insane.

All others are welcome. 

Provided you bring a heaping of bull honkey to the table. --xoxo

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kayli sue said...

I do this with raquette ball! Make up the rules as I go so I always win. Nobody ever wants to play with me...lol

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

That game looks fun! We also make up are own rules for everything. For Duck, Duck, Goose my 3-year-old likes chase everyone, everytime, around the entire house. :)

Suz Wheatley said...

I did the same exact thing with the Bakugan stuff. We have to make up our own rules because it was just too much for this mommy brain to comprehend.

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