{ a teeny thought on fighting }

Let's just assume, for the moment, that I am raising NON-perfect children.  Let's assume, just for argument's sake, that my children are sometimes naughty.  Now we all know I'm hypothetically speaking, but let's say my days {which we all know they are not} are filled with teasing, yelling, she touched me's, he hurt me's, they looked at me's, screaming, and loud noises of all kinds.  If this was the case, then I would have lost it, sat them down and had a very stern hour family meeting about how we need to respect each other, how groundings would begin that second, and that we need to be best friends.  

And then let's say I had them clean their rooms afterwards.  And it was full of that's not mine's, I didn't make that mess's, etc.

So then I would enforce a rule.  If there is fighting, it means that both parties will be in trouble, unless something can be worked out.  I.E. hugs and apologies.  If this truly were a problem, and my children truly were NOT perfect angels, then I would have a hard time getting them to comprehend that in a fight, one person is not thinking of others, and the other is not forgiving.  

And then I was reminded of the hypothetical argument I had with the Mr. on Sunday.


Looks like I have a figuratively-speaking comprehension problem as well.... along with being slightly hypocritical.  I hate it when that happens.  Apparently a fight means both parties are wrong, and I hate being wrong.  So I've got a little work to do. ;)  

Here's to trying to make our homes a little better with less fighting and practicing more thinking/forgiving.  -xoxo

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mrs. mindy said...

First of all thanks for the guilt, cause maybe, just maybe I got in a fight with the Mr. TODAY! Guilt setting in now.

Second, I nominated you for a blog award! Head over to my teaching blog to check it out: http://kindergartenkidlets.blogspot.com

Finally, I miss your guts and really wish we lived closer! So I could give that baby a great big squish, and maybe just sit and smell his sweet head, is that weird??{{hugs}}

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