{ so, the kids are back in school }

Now what? Do I tackle all the 976 projects on my to-do list? Do I *shudder* deep clean? Or do I sit on my rear and blog? Oh, I really hate tough choices...

It's odd being home alone with just my 5 month old for company. It's odd making lunch for one. It's odd to have peaceful silence for a few hours a day. It's all odd, but incredibly refreshing. 

I admit:  I cried when my baby girl walked onto that kindergarten playground for the first time. I cried as I walked home knowing my little shadow, my mini-me, was not with me. I cried as I saw her ponies on the floor, waiting for her to come back and play {I also cried when I stepped on one of the accessories for said ponies, but that was for a whole different reason}. It was hard. Not just in the fact that I missed her, but the fact that she's growing up. I am NOT a fan of this, FYI. 

But I'm ok now. I have plans. Big plans. Ones that didn't include designing a piano rules list, making mini lemon meringue pies, or drawing on tiles to make wicked coasters, but nevertheless happened anyway. *sigh* No, big plans that include re-organizing the boy's room, redecorating my girl's room, coming up with better routines, better systems, etc. You know, big plans like that. I'm thinking I'll start tackling them today. Right after I clean up the pickle juice mess that my husband already "cleaned up". Yep. That's how we roll around here... {and can I get some wife points for not badgering him about not doing it right? And waiting until he went to work to redo it?} Does anyone else high-five themselves? 

Here's to a {hopefully} tear free week with lots of self-high-fives and things crossed off the to-do list! --xoxo 

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Cheshire Cat said...

AWWW they look so precious! Followed you :) Here's to a good week!

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