insanely easy fish stick burritos.

I was craving fish tacos last night. I googled recipes read reviews, but in the end, just wanted something crazily easy (read: I was feeling lazy).  So I asked the Mr. to run to the store on his way home to grab just a few more items I'd need.  It was an experiment.  An experiment that actually resulted in success.  Boo-yah.

The didn't end up being tacos.  More like burritos. Angelic, heaven-in-your-mouth burritos.  Here's the run-down:

Everything was from Walmart (no, not a plug, just the facts).
It only took as long as it takes to cook fish sticks.
My kids didn't appreciate the cole slaw, but they loved it without.

Ready for the, um, recipe? (It's more like a building tutorial)

1/2 package of Van De Kamps fish sticks
1/2 carton of Walmart deli cole slaw
Heinz tarter sauce
tortillas (I use Tortilla Land uncooked tortillas)
While fish sticks are cooking, cook your tortillas (if you're using uncorked tortillas).
When they're done, assemble: tarter sauce down the middle, row of fish sticks, cole slaw, cheese on top.  Roll up and ENJOY!!

See? SO. Stinkin'. Easy. And I love that you can alter and cater it to your family's size + likes!  #winning

Have a great week! --xoxo

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