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As you may know, I have a soft spot in my heart for graphic design. I love doing it, and I love looking at it.   #TypographyMeltsMyHeart   From being obsessed with fonts, to pairing colors, and developing an unhealthy crush on watercolor florals, I seriously love me some good design.

My friends. Have you even seen Minted.com's products???? I mean:

Do these not make your heart so happy?!  #obsessed 

These are just SOME of my favorites. Like, how could one even pick a favorite?! The quality of their products is amazing (don't even get me started on all the options! Paper shapes, background patterns, matching envelopes, etc - it's like a candy store!). I've designed wedding invites before, but seriously. Sometimes it's just better to buy than DIY.  (Yes. I just wrote that. Me. Miss I'll-DIY-Till-I-Die.) And those are just the wedding invites!!

You know what else they have?

Two. Words.

I cannot even begin to tell you how head-over-heals in love I am with that green milk glass. Can't. Even. 

And their art prints? I've been eyeing several for a very. long. time.

1. tangerine // 2. mineral 03 // 3. pining for pineapple // 4. swing // 
5. fleur // 6. cancer (this one made my heart skip a beat, reminding me how blessed I am to be cancer-free for 5 months now. *fist pump*)

But seriously. I could hang their art prints on every inch of wall space I have, and not include my entire favorites list. Drool worthy stuff, my friends. 

So now I want to know. What's your favorite Minted.com products? Do you lust after the cake plates? Pine over the insanely gorgeous invites? Or do you have a deep crush on an art print? Or 500? Have you been a fan of them as long as I have? Do tell!! --xoxo

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated with product, payment, or both for this post.  However, all opinions and text are entirely my own and 100% genuine, based on my experience with the product/company.  #KeepinItHonest

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