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It's the weekend again!  
Time for another giveaway!  It's Camryn's week for posting the free awesomeness- so check out this weeks fabulous prize at Mean Mommy University by clicking here.

But now it's time for 
Last Week's Winner!!!

I was ecstatic when I read all of the Insanely, Onoxiously Awesome comments about the worst thing that you cleaned out of the fridge!  I laughed and cringed all at the same time.  The descriptions you gave painted a horrific picture in my mind- stories that reminded me of my sweet hubby, who cleaned out my parents fridge in their basement.  My mother LOVES to garden {and we love to partake of these divine morsels of wonder}, but she forgot that she put some zucchini {I THINK} in her fridge.  And forgot.  The unknown veggie had completely liquified and was seeping through the seal on the door.  It was all over the floor and smelled like...like........... oh heck.  I can't even describe it.  Just PURE nastiness.  I laugh when I think about it- I think he's still scarred.  He doesn't find it that funny.  And sadly, that makes me laugh 


Good times, good times.

So in all fairness, I went to Random.org {because I just couldn't pick my favorite}, and I remember first reading this story- it had me STUNNED, for I never thought I would hear of this....

Two Words:

P i g
F e e t

Congrats Pan x 8!!!!!!!
You're commenter #9!
Here's what she wrote:
I'm not sure what my Mother made a few weeks before I got to this in the fridge but after deciding to clean out my fridge because I couldn't find the "smelly" culprit... I found a tupperware of pigs feet that she'd made and "conveniently forgot" about with moldy gross-like fuzz camping out on a pukish color. It was so foul when I opened it, I think we had to "air" out the whole fridge and house or a week!

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And to the rest, MAN OH MAN!!!!  I wish I could award something for ALL of you- for the terror you experienced.  Something to perhaps ease the trauma of what you went through....

But all I can come up with is check out MMU and enter for the next prize!  I wish I could enter- I'm Super Freakin' Jealous.
Thanks to all who participated and remember, you still have every Friday for the rest of the Summer to win something!

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Lisa said...

Oh, I'm so glad I found you ;) Many people cringe when I say I'm the "mean mommy" because *gasp* I make my kids go to bed at 8:30 and clean their room daily in order to watch t.v. Can't wait to read through all your posts...love the layout around here!

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