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Week #3 of:

Oh, yes.  
Feel free to do a little dance in your chair.  
Go on.  
No one's 

This week's giveaway has been 
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Jessica, the Mooregirly mom, makes amazing hair bows.  
What kind of bows?
ANY kind- you name it!

Big layered bows, tiny baby bows, or basic color bows. 
She's been making bows for 5 years now, and hand sews every one. No wires or chemicals are used, making them ultra safe for little ones. You can throw them in the wash and even dry them and they come out fine.  

Custom orders?  Get this: She can make a bow to match absolutely anything. Send a picture of any outfit and she'll send you a bow that will be a perfect match.

This giveaway will be for a SET of boutique Custom Bows {valued between $15-$20}. This will be two bows either the same kind {i.e. for pigtails} or two different kinds. 

Now, I must give her some props- 
This woman had her second spinal surgery last Friday and is STILL doing this for us!  Isn't she amazing?  Peruse her etsy store here, 'cuz there's more than just bows- and her prices are lower than most because she wants other women to be able to doll up their little girls and still live frugally.  
Isn't that Too Perfect?
{While you're there, drop Jessica a line and let her know what kind of bows you would like to see 'moore' of!}

Now for the fun part.  

To win said 
exquisite delights, 
you must leave us a comment.  And we want to know:

As a mom, what is the grossest thing you have touched with your bare hands?
{And remember- keep it G rated- this is a family show}

Here's my example:  
While I was waiting in the doctors office, my son {who was itty bitty at the time} decided to throw up, and I quickly cupped my hands and caught it, so there wouldn't be a mess everywhere.  Don't ask why I did it.  Mother's instinct I guess.
Or there was the time I was changing the same little boy's diaper, and I had to cover his manhood with my hand so I wouldn't receive the shower of shame...

Now I've got you thinking- hurry and leave a comment- this giveaway ends next Thursday {the 25th}!

Just another reward for the 'grossness' we go through being moms and to help keep your summer

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Camryn said...

Man, you do an awesome job! You put me to shame! I just wanted to comment. BTW- I LOVED your question! Oh----I am not comment #1--I am ZERO. (I'm not entering to win something we are giving away...that...would be awkward.) Continue on, just ignore this. But man you always do a good job! I've got Bob Barker over on my blog and the dude fell and lost his dentures. You're classy--and I'm insane! LOVED IT!

MommyMert said...

Hmm... nasty stuff to catch that vomit. Done that a few times. I will go with catching a poop in the bathtub. Very gross.

Christina Jay said...

OH YUCK! I don't think I could top those. I did have an occasion where I sat in a chair at someone else's house and put my hand down on the armrest only to discover that someone was hiding his boogers there and had recently left a LARGE deposit.

Oh, and Jessica is an amazing woman!

Amy said...

Hey, so I'm new to your blog and have totally enjoyed it. You are seriously so funny, LOVE it!

Okay, so I will try and keep this as G rated as possible, but just imagine it okay. I am a nurse and one day while working on my floor I had the duty of the dreaded digital stimulation, I won't go into details, but just imagine trying to make someone poop. So this is a complete stranger who I am trying to help, I go with a brave face and do my thing only to realize that during my trying to get the woman to poop I realize that my glove had ripped at the finger. UM........ can you say TOTALLY TOTALLY digusting. I think I had pure bleach and every kind of chemical we had at the hospital all over my hands that day. So even though the others have touched poop, at least it was their own flesh and blood. EEEWWWWW!!!!

Jill said...

okay as the mom of 8 kids we come across gross every week. it's a given and i think i'm becoming immune to it by now. does anyone else have a mysterious ghost who wipes boogies on the wall? anyway, gross happened this week in the form of a bloody mutalated, yet still twitching lizard that the cat brought in and my 4 yr. old went balistic until i 'saved' the gasping blob! because of the hysterics of said 4 yr. old i whimpered as i picked the thing up and put it outside on a pile of rocks, then spent 15 min. washing my hands - those things stink like nothing you ever want to smell! for the first time in quite a while i was completely grossed out!

Beth & Callie said...

Ok the other night, me three year old is potty training and she had a poopy accident in her favorite Ariel panties. I just physically grabbed the poop out of her panties and put it in the toilet. Absolutely disgusting.

Whiney Momma said...

Love your blog and so glad I found it!

Since touching poop is too frequent an event to even gross me out any more (yes, my child has been potty training for a year) I will mention the time I lifted my shirt over my head and was smeared with some slippery gook. Turns out it was snot that my son smeared all over me when he hugged me good night. YUCK!

Amber Lynae said...

I've already won so I am just commenting for commenting sake. (Unless you really want me to win I'm up for winning). But My daughter is two and half just learning to potty train. Well because of a few previous back ups she would hide and fill her tiger and pooh diapers with a little more pooh, and when she didn't do the poohing in her diaper she would just hold it. SO after 3 -4 days of holding it she REALLY had to go. But she was packed tighter than a Paris metro car at rush hour. We were attending a brunch at a friends house, and she waddling around the place squatting every so often but nothing, she tells me she has to potty. So we go into the bathroom, and try pooping, unfortunate that thing was large. After a little prayer and some crying, I had the joy of digging it out with my fingers and the assistance of a plastic spoon. Not fun for me or her. While I am a fan of Tigger and Pooh, I don't like to have the other type of pooh under my finger nails. And Jordan I too have had to catch some puke, mine was during a church meeting.... she choked on her snake and puked it out into my hands. Thank goodness for baby wipes.

Amber Lynae said...

that was supposed to be snack not snake sorry....

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