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The Father's Day Bonanza 
was a huge hit at our house.
Hot dogs, homemade salsa w/ chips, chocolate milk, and the ever decadent
Texas Sheet Cake.

And homemade paper and m&m ties and cards from the kids.
And I changed EVERY diaper yesterday.  EVERY one.  
That was my gift to him.

Click here to see Camryn's tribute to our 
diaper-changing, food-providing, snuggle-giving, kid-wrestling, toddler-bathing
Super Daddies.

Happy Post-Father's Day!

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Teri said...

Well, that was so funny! I'm sure it wasn't during the sleep deprived, body heat induced haze you were living in. I started locking my door at night so my 6 1/2 year-old son wouldn't climb into bed with me e-v-e-r-y night. I still feel really mean, but it does mean I get some undisturbed sleep.....until the pounding on the door wakes me up from a delightful dream! Joyous! I hope it gets better!!!

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