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Have you heard the amazingly awesomely abundantly-good latest gossip?
If you haven't, then here it is: 
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That's right.  The summer is here.  Where I live, summer was here about 4 months ago. 

Be jealous.  Be jealous that 14/31 days in may were OVER 100 degrees.
To countdown our days 'till Peace and Tranquility {and unsmoltering temperatures} return when Summer Break is over, Camryn and I will be doing a  


{you may squeal with delight now}

So what is TODAY'S 
Fancy--FREE Friday's Freebie?
{pleeaasse try and say that 5x's fast}

arbonne's secret crush color pallete:
| mirror |
| mattifying powder |
| 3 in 1 color|
| 2 lip gloss colors |
| value: $27 |

I LOVE this stuff- it's perfect to slip into your purse and pull out for touch-ups at the pool, or a hot date with hubbyness, etc.

arbonne's intelligence herbal foot cream and hand cream lotion:
| travel size- 1.8 oz each |
| value: $10 |

This lotion is awesome stuff guys.  Since I live in the desert, I have tried TONS of lotions.  This is the real deal.

Let me tell you a little about this company's products:

1 | they are all botanically based: plants and herbs + science and technology
2 | hypoallergenic: dermatologist tested {never on animals}, and almost all products are made without dyes or chemical fragrances
3 | formulated without animal products or by-products 
and here's my favorite
4 | formulated without mineral oil: mineral oil is an occlusive, cheap "filler" oil that your skin can't absorb.  Massage therapists use this oil to keep the skin "lubricated" while they work, because it does just that.  Doesn't sink in.  Now go check your lotion bottles and look at the ingredients...

{I am on the last of my bottles of fake lotion- I used them as shaving gel since I couldn't bear to throw them away.  They smelled too pretty.  But after using Arbonne's lotion, I couldn't go back.} 



Are you ready for this?  This is how you enter to win these 
Fabulous Fancy--FREE Friday Treasures:

Leave a comment telling me about the WORST thing you have cleaned out of your {or someone else's} fridge.  The more descriptive- the better...

{I wiped out my fridge yesterday to get ready for groceries tomorrow, so this subject is on the brain.}  

Next Friday, when it's Camryn's turn to host Fancy--FREE Friday, she will announce the winner {after we take forever deciding who wrote the 'grossest' comment- although we may end up just 'drawing' a name}

Deadline: Next Thursday Night!

Good luck!  I'm excited to read all the entries! {you could even email photos- jordanriverblossom@yahoo.com} Don't have a gross story?  Borrow someone else's... we should be rewarded for all the 'grossness' that we go through just being moms.  And we should all get something to help us be a little more Fancy--Free and enjoy...

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MommyMert said...

My Mother had the worst fridge ever... seriously... In HS we used to have a contest who could find the OLDEST item in the fridge. Believe me when the freezer had food that was YEARS old. Mmm... the best part is we wouldnt throw it away. We would put it back inside. ahh... good times.

mindy said...

ha ha I love you! hmmmm .... let's see the 'grossest? this is tough but while Russ and I were in Cedar (newly married, busy college students, working full time and NEVER HOME and to be honest neither one of us took any care of our fridge or the rest of the house very well for that matter) I opened the fridge one day and was knocked over, I am not exaggerating, by this 'smell' so I start searching for the culprit ... salmon! Russ had cooked it for me for a special dinner (a few months prior) and there were leftovers, put away in a glad contianer for a later time ... and forgotten. It was a science experiment I am certain. It was alive and NASTY! The container was immediately removed from the apartment and placed in the dumpster and to all my neighbors I apologize because I am certain you could smell it from the parking lot! Rotten growing nasty fish! yumm. (oh and a side of broccoli, although it was completely unrecognizable) I now clean my fridge on a semi regular basis to avoid a repeat of any similar episodes.

The Farmer's Wife said...

You HAVE to love a blog that wants to know this sort of thing!! (You won't be sharing this with my mother-in-law, will you? For any amount of money?)

I have to say, the grossest thing I've ever found, and there has been, 'ahem', a large selection of choices in my fridge, was some cheesy broccoli. At least I THINK it had started out as cheesy broccoli. Broccoli, in my opinion, isn't all that glorious in it's cooked state, but when you top it with a milk product and forget about it (maybe on purpose), it's quite possibly the most vile substance known to man.

We now put leftover vegetables in recycled margarine tubs, because I can throw those out without any guilt, whatsoever. Of course, the easiest way to avoid that sort of thing is to not cook vegetables at all....a policy strongly advocated by my son.

AMPM said...

This has been an unfortunate event in the recent past. One day I opened the fridge and was met by a glowing green fog (at least I am sure that is what color the smell was in ultraviolet light). It was like rotten raw chicken and baby diarrhea. My eyes crossed. I slammed the fridge. Poured the kids the milk I was after...open and slammed fridge and then had to attend to other pressing matters. The stench penetrated the whole main floor of the house. Like raw chickens had splattered my walls. When I finally had time to sift through the left overs......there in the very back corner behind an open juice pouch and boxes of go-gurt......3 month old black beans. The smell was so vile and wretched it had permeated the container. That container now abides in the county dump. My skin is now so withered from toxic bean gas I'm sure to need a great deal of lotion;)

Melody said...

I recently found a cucumber that changed from a solid to a liquid state. Gross!

Love the free Friday idea! Count me in!

Larsen's said...

Just found your blog on MMB's. Glad to have found you.
The grossest thing that I have taken out of the refrigerator. It is a toss up between weeks old dinner that had a green fur coat that it was wearing to the bag of cucumbers that liquidized and had a horrible horrible smell...that lingered in the house! We didn't even want to open the refrigerator or have anything in the freezer. ALL the ice tasted like the horrible smell!! It was way gross!!

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

You know that sticky dark stuff you find on the lowest shelf near the back..

And you can't quite tell what it is?

Tipped over Coke?
Homemade Maple Syrup?
What used to be applesauce now turned a very wrong color of brown?

Who knows. All I know is cleaning it off that shelf is next to impossible!

Angela said...

Seriously, who knows. I have cleaned quite a few nasty things out of the fridge. Recently one of the worst was cantaloupe that was no longer orange but green and fuzzy and oh so nasty. I forget what's in there 99.9% of the time........

pan x 8 said...

I'm not sure what my Mother made a few weeks before I got to this in the fridge but after deciding to clean out my fridge because I couldn't find the "smelly" culprit... I found a tupperware of pigs feet that she'd made and "conveniently forgot" about with moldy gross-like fuzz camping out on a pukish color. It was so foul when I opened it, I think we had to "air" out the whole fridge and house or a week!

Amber Lynae said...

I just wanted to say. That I have found many a forgotten leftovers in my fridge. The grossest is when I could no longer recognize the look or smell of what was once in the container that has no become its very own ecosystem in my refrigerator. I peeked in with amazement expecting aliens to come walking out over the moldy surface that is hiding the food (I use this term loosely). The lid was covered with condensation that proves that the container has started a precipitation cycle. It stunk so bad I decided just to throw out the whole container, I wasn't going to wash that. If I opened it again the scent would never come out of my house. If you ever have had a Diaper Champ you know the smell of that oozes through out the room every time you add a new "Treasure". Yeah it is gross and it makes me want to puke. ( I am a Diaper Champ fan). Well yeah this smell was WORSE. I wish I could remember what the food once was.

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