{ mommy's don't get sick leave }

I didn't clean my toilets last week.

'Nor did I clean them the week before.  That's almost THREE weeks of uncleanly toilets.  
"Curse you, Particles of Dust and Pollen!!"  

Mom's don't get to take time off for getting sick.  Even if it's just allergies.  This past week I fell victim to a double whammy.  Without even trying, the nasty Cold/Flu Bug suddenly became attracted to me.  ON TOP of itchy, watery eyes and sinus pressure.

It's amazing what happens to your home when all you can do is lay in bed, lay on the couch, lay in the bathtub, lay with your head under a towel, letting the warm menthol-ish vapors hit you in the face, 'cuz you can't actually BREATHE them in.  All of my hard work, keeping our home one of decency and uncontamination, went 
Down The Drain.  

What started out as a place of refuge,
turned into a place of refuse.

Let me break down the last couple days for you.

| My curtains started out on the wall |
| Then ended up on the couch |
Here is the guilty one- 
not only is she guilty of hanging like a monkey as if my curtains where some lush vine she found on her imaginary Jungle Escapade {pulling the screws right out of the wall I might add}, but this is also visual evidence of her involvement with:

| The crackers on the couch |
And no, it wasn't just Ritz crackers that were involved.

| Every INCH of my rug was covered with 
smooshed goldfish crackers |
| Along with toys, clothes and shoes | 
I didn't think it was this bad {I dare you to find a WHOLE and INTACT goldfish}, because at first, all this was hiding under 7 couch cushions and 3 blankets {previously used to make a rockin' fort}.
And it doesn't matter how thick those blankets are, you can still feel the sharp edges of Legos, cars and Transformers on the tender undersides of your feet.  And yes, that is a defrosted ice pack in the first pic- don't ask.  I thought it was pretty random when I discovered it- I had seen snuggled next to ice cubes in the freezer the day before.  

I thought I'd spare you my visual encounter with my toilets/bathrooms and dishes.  It was pretty nasty.  I won't even use my words to paint a picture.  I don't even think I could.

Meals where interesting.  I found my children liked to help themselves.

| Breakfast A La Three Year Old |
Yes, that is hardened, cemented-to-the-table Honey Blasters from breakfast the day before.  And no, my daughter couldn't decide between Trix or Apple Zingers, so she got a bowl for both.  And while I'm on the subject of cereal- I was reminded of why I never buy Trix {they were on sale}.  Is it really healthy to put something THAT COLORFUL into our bodies?  Have you seen what it does to milk?  To clothes?  To tongues?  It can't be natural.
And yes, those are french fries on the floor from dinner the previous night- my hubby 'cooked'.  There are other things that have decided to take up residency down there as well, but I don't know what they are.  'Nor do I want to find out.

| I vowed I would do everything in my power to 
not let the laundry pile up |
I failed.  

This is the 3 loads of laundry that I did yesterday {as I took on the egregious task of reclaiming my home}.  They made it to the washing machine, then to the dryer...

... and ended up there.  That's only half of what needed to be done.

But at least my toilets are clean.

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Shannon said...

AT least you don't have 5 baskets of laundry waiting for you. My kids never run out of clothes in their drawers but they are getting close. I'm glad you're feeling better. I had some nasty stomach thing early this week. I hate being sick & it doesn't happen very often. my kids like to play with the cords from the blinds...very dangerous I know....but it's like an Indiana Jones whip that you can swing from.....(sigh)

mindy said...

nice to know that even your home gets away from you at times....there are always legos, etc on my floor I pick them up and like magic they are there again taunting me, daring me to try and pick them up again just so that they can make a magic reappearance. hope you are feeling better!

Garlick said...

I'm glad you have an excuse because my house is ALWAYS disaster zone...without an excuse. Good job for whippin' it back into shape. When you're done you can do mine.

Breeze said...

LOL!!! Oh you poor woman!! I totally feel you. I am laughing about the two bowls of cereal caused from the same child. That happens often in my house too. And the bowl to the brim with milk. Ahhh, man -- I'm still trying to make headway after a month long bout of "DISASTER after DISASTER". Hopefully by Tomorrow I can have my reclaimed. But it might take a few days next week too.

Hope you are feeling better, becaues isn't that the truth that when Mom, is down and out, the house goes too!!

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