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Let's have a heart to heart.  How do you REALLY feel about solicitors?  And the ice cream truck-man-driver?  {Insert pause here as I listen to your responses.}  So what you're saying is that you feel a violation of privacy?  That you feel angry and upset that these people put you in situations that you don't want to be in?  That you feel like . . .  well . . . just read Camryn's tribute to 2009- The Summer Of Solicitors.  Then you can leave a comment there and vent out the frustrations you feel, along with everyone else.  

It's called Therapy.

And it's free of charge.

You're Welcome.

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Camryn said...

HAHAHA! So cute! You are clever.....I LOVE Lucy.

Mama Nut said...

I just wrote a post yesterday about how much I hate salespeople!! LOL

Jordan, you get the Golden Nut Award this week! Send me your email address to nutsinanutshell@gmail.com and I will send you the code.

Love your blog!!!

Nina said...

You know what really gets me? When people I don't know tell me on the street that my little one shoud do 'this' or 'shouldn't be doing that'! ;)

mindy said...

I just had a vaccuum salesman pestering me yesterday who would NOT take NO for an answer!!! I had to run away to get him to leave me alone, I left his *** free gift on the porch with a note taped to it that said I was NOT interested and ran into town to Russ' work to 'hide out' for a while! I need to put up a 'no soliciting' sign!

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