{ if moms get paid, then someone owes me some serious backpay }

As a mother, sometimes, and of course only sometimes, we don't get the respect we deserve.  Not that our Mr.'s and beautiful offspring don't love us and want to have a personal servant to cherish every moment we have together... it's just sometimes they forget to show it.

I think this is a general rule.  It is in the Mommy Handbook, which I am still waiting to receive. {It's been on backorder for 7 years now and it's kinda getting frustrating- does anyone have one I could borrow?  Or even a toll free number?  Customer service?  Anyone?!}  

So armed with jammies, glasses, no make-up and a furrowed brow that is used only when I am seriously searching the internet . . . 
. . . I began looking for something to help me laugh at today's mommy burdens.  And the "forgetfulness" of all certain family members. 

And I found a treasure.

A small treasure.

One that I love.

Now be H O N E S T .  Does this small gem sound remotely familiar ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 

Or how about this s w e e t  m o r s e l ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

These comic strips are the ingenious creation of Jodie Sarah Masiwchuk.  Some of them made me laugh . . . 

. . . and some of them warmed my heart.

You can sign up to get a weekly dose of 2-D momworld by going to suburbansarah.com to get new strips right into your inbox, join her facebook group, or just stop by and check out her archives!

Why are you still reading this?!  Go over to Suburban Sarah right now!

And btw, did you know that one Oreo has almost 54 calories?  O N E   O R E O.  

I think I just ate like 10 while I was typing this post. 

You do the math.

{ . . . now where are those stretchy jeans . . . } 

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MoonNStarMommy said...

LOL - those are awesome.... and ... your pic, that's me every day!! Only add baby slop on me (Definition: Baby Slop: anything from a baby that can be spread and is gross OR anything a baby eats and later decides can be better applied to your clothes, especially done in stealth so that when you run to the store - you have no idea)

MoonNStarMommy said...

LOL - I have to take you for the comment!! I am a firm believer of the same!

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