{ crayons and colds }

o I was right. I read my last post and it made no sense whatsoever. I'm reading it thinking . . . no, wait. Let me rephrase that. I wasn't thinking. Why didn't anyone WARN me NOT to write while cold medicine pumps through my veins?!?!?! *ahem* So as I was re-reading the monstrosity of yesterday, I began to think about you, dear reader, and I thought "I can do better than that". I need to. Bear with me that even though I may be off of cold medicine, Mr. Congestion is still renting out the space behind my eyes and between the ears. So ramblings will be present, I assure you.

Like most of you, we own crayons. Well, maybe you own crayons. Or maybe you have banned them from the house like I have banned markers. Oh, the markers. I owned highlighters once, but they ended up here:

Thank goodness that it was a highlighter. They wash off like a dream!

If you have 'artistic' children, then you know that it isn't safe to have anything that is colored that one can write with in your home. We own a lot of pencils. Pens are waaaayyyy up high. And I wouldn't even own crayons if it wasn't for this little wonder:

It is a gem. A nugget of goodness. A treasure of supreme holiness. And since we rent, and our home has the traditional white walls, it works perfect! So now, it is safe to have crayons living with us. As permanent residents. Rejoicing has taken place. {Although, is anyone else bothered by the 'happy' kid and mom in the picture? I don't know about you, but when I've caught my kids coloring on walls, there is NOTHING 'happy' about it. Usually there's tears, yelling, bulging neck veins. . . oh please tell me I'm not the only one!}

Since he decided to get sick, I decided to keep my 1st grader home, but I couldn't shake the insane guiltiness I felt about him missing out on valuable knowledge that he obtains in his classroom. {*snort* this may be true if he would pay attention} So as I sat him down and had him do his homework packet, I got a teensy bit bored. I decided to color. And as all good mothers should do, I decided to grab my 3 year old and have her join me, turning her coloring along with my own into a competition, seeing who could color in the lines better, who could use tonal shading better, and who could get the most out of our 64 pack of crayons. Better. After I was finished, and unofficially declared myself the winner . . .

. . . I came across these on the internet:

Ummmm . . .

He wins.

Again, my horse:

His horse:

Is anyone else flabbergasted by these? Crayola Crayons people!!!!! I mean, really? His name is Don Marco. They call him the Master Crayon Artist, and they're not kidding. You can check out the rest of his amazingly jaw-dropping work here. But I'm curious: Who sits down and thinks "I wonder if I could take these crayons, that an experienced artist like me has in his collection of different mediums, and make it look amazing? I think I could do it with a 120 count, but what about 64? Or 24? Hmmm...." Maybe he, like myself, got bored and started coloring with a child's crayons and realized that he had an impeccable talent. I realized that I don't have an impeccable talent. Just a shameful urge to be competitive with a 3 year old. Shame-Ful . . .

So that's what goes on around here when we are under the weather. We have contests {where I win}, drink cold medicine, do homework and post unintelligible stories on the internet. Wait. That sounds very similar to our normal days . . .

Also- people check this out. Hot off the press. It was a perfect read for me today. Just in time for cold and flu season:

Have you read these yet? And laughed? Perhaps shed a tear or two? Check her out . . .

P.S. Thank you Moon n Star Mommy for giving MMA the one lovely blog award! That's a times 2! {How many awards does one have to receive before they are officially 'cool'?} Thanks for sharing the love!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Camryn said...

I just got back from vacay--you posted 2 stories! You crack me up! I must say- I've written under the influence of cold medicine--so dangerous--and yet, your post made sense to me. Hmm...what does that say? I think we share the same brain.
LOVE the post! Hilarious!

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