{mild case of alzheimer's }

{assignment 1 of school days seminar- subject: write a blog post about why you have a blog}

I am a mother. Fully equipped with Mom-Brain. I splurged on the Deluxe Model- automatic memory wiper, date confusion, child-name switcher {it will even make you call one of your children by your dog's name every 2 weeks!}, lighted mirror and cup holders. It's P E R F E C T.
A brain that any mother would be proud {and somewhat jealous} of.
I purchased Said Brain while pregnant with my first child. It was all the rage. Every new mom was doing it. I wanted to fit in, to be cool.

I should have waited.

After giving birth I realized how important a normal brain is, and longed for The Old One. But there was a problem. They don't accept returns or offer refunds. I traded in The Old for the 'New and Improved' Model, and I couldn't go back. I was stuck with this Amazing Mom-Brain for the rest of my life, like a mosquito trapped in the amber waves of pine sap, fossilized for eternity so the world could see it's mistake.

I had made such a mistake.

"Use it up, wear it out. Make do, or do without."

I decided to make the best of my Poor Shopping Judgement:

Child-name switcher? Make kids wear name tags. Including dog.
Date confusion? Really big wall calendar, more magnets for fridge, and multiple cork boards to pin things up on.
Lighted mirror and cup holders? Okay, I wouldn't change a thing there. Who doesn't love cup holders?
Automatic memory wiper? Create blog.

I started out writing with Camryn at MMU- to relieve her from multiple postings, then created MMA. We blogged to be funny, but over the past few months it has become, for me, more of a way to remember. An online journal of the funny and crazy things my kids {husband included} do and say. Yes, I may make fun of them. Yes, I may vent out my frustrations. But I won't forget. I won't forget the way I felt when my daughter dumped flour all over my rug, or when my husband thought a dried up piece of black play dough was poop. Left on the stairs. {And of course he thought that I knew all about it and deliberately left it there for him to clean up.} This is why I have a blog.

B U T . . .
I have also gained something else from this blog.

Less yelling.
More laughing.
Way more picture taking.

I guess my purchase for the Deluxe Mom-Brain was a great deal after all . . .

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Travelin'Oma said...

I wish I'd snapped funny pictures more often in my motherhood days. I snapped a lot, but missed out on the photos! Picking up the camera gives you moms just enough time to gain perspective. I admire your techniques.

Good post!

Beck said...
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Beck said...

Jumped over from TravelinOma's blog to read your "homework" and LOVED this! So simple, yet insightful and humorous at the same time. I hope you won't mind if I drop by again.

Mary said...

You're going to to be so happy you documented all these things years from now! Great way to keep things in perspective! Love your blog! (PS: I didn't know play doh came in black!)

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