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I think it's safe to say that everyone is now back in school. So my question is:

To all the mother's who are going through this for the first time ever in their lives:

Do you find yourself lost and alone and completely unaware of what to do with yourself? Are you dealing with emotions that are strange, yet somewhat familiar? Did you feel like this on that first day:

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Did your sweet, innocent {alarmingly tiny looking} child look like this:

Do not worry, the tears and sorrow will soon pass. You shall soon feel like the rest of us who are going on 2+ years of herding children out the door:

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My only regret about back-to-school, is that since I have to walk him there, I shall have no more of this:

Or this:

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{They don't call them the 'Lazy Days of Summer' for nothin'}

My son was super excited to go back to school. During the summer. He asked me almost every day if it was time to go back. But when it came time for school to start.... well.... it's more like this:

So even though they may ask silly questions,

and cause us to use up our 401k to finance their school supplies,

I must admit that all-in-all, between the hours of 8:30 and 3:30,

I am in H E A V E N !

Won't you join me in some quality " M E " time? I'm taking a writing class and eating more Hot Tamales/cinnamon bears- what are your big celebrations plans? I'd love to know!

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mindy said...

I am in mourning for my summer days... but then my kids are both still at home and I am the one trudging off to school each day! In fact the other day Aly was watching PBS and it said something about school on the show her exact words were, "Mommy, I don't like school!" When I inquired as to "why" she stated "I want you to stay here!" (She thinks school is stealing her mommy away, what would she think if I went back to work full time?) Ahh! the life of a teacher :)

Garlick said...

I'm still asking myself what should I do and this isn't her first year..hmm somethings wrong. BTW the bus driver would let Madi get off the bus yesterday! I had to chase it a mile down the road on foot. Yeah, he is getting in trouble.

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