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All right ladies. {And Mr. Smith who reads this every now and then while at work.} It's discussion time again. How many of you REALLY have the time to do this every single day {and if you look this put together by the time dinner rolls around, every single day, we can't be friends anymore}:

And then how many of you have days where this is happening:
What's that you say? You only purchase Kraft? You wouldn't dare even dream of buying generic mac and cheese?

There are some things you just have to splurge on. Mac and cheese is one of them. And Camryn has a funny post that will make you laugh.

And remind you that this . . .
Is way more worth the hassle than this . . .
{And please tell me someone else noticed the wheat stalks behind the bowl . . . What the Amber Waves of Grain are they trying to do? Make it look more healthy?}

Happy Monday!

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Camryn said...


You give the best plugs! That was a post in itself! You are starting to make mine look shabby girlfriend!!

oh, and the "amber waves of grain" was brilliant!! HAHA! LOL.

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