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Have you ever had a hang nail? Have you ever had it get all infected and swollen? Yeah, my right pointer finger is DOUBLE the size of the left one. And hurts like the dickens. And this is the third day it's been like that. Grrrr. Have you ever tried playing the piano without the #2 finger? Yeah, lessons yesterday were quite extraordinary to say the least. And I won't tell you how bad my dishes smell. {I haven't done them for a couple days on the account of me wearing a band aid. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. ;) } So today, as I sit here and do the one-handed-hunt-and-peck, I realize that this post is going to take AT LEAST nine years....

...so I decided to give you a little visual treat instead.

If you have about 45 minutes I Highly Encourage you to watch these! The man is a comic genius and I heart him. Grab some kettle corn flavored popcorn, a blanket and a few pillows to prop your back and get set to laugh.

{Public Service Announcement: Please remember to empty your bladder before watching. Thank you}

Funny, huh?

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tammy said...

I LOVE Brian Regan!

konADDICT said...

listen to him on comedy 151 XM!!!! Love him.

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