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I love fairies: You can make one up for any occasion. I think God created the fairy idea for mothers. You can comfort, bribe and threaten with The Fairy Concept. And there is no limit to the names and what your fairies can do.

Do you have a child who won't stop crying? Threaten them with the Crying Fairy- she takes away unhappy little children to her castle and makes them sing in her Crying Choir.
Does your child have a problem picking up their toys? Tell them the Toy Fairy will come in the night and take all the toys left on the floor and take them to Santa's workshop to give to kids who don't have any.

Did your child eat all of their dinner even try a bite of the slimy asparagus stems? The Ice Cream Fairy may have left a surprise in the freezer!

Then there's the usual Tooth Fairy, Potty Fairy . . . wait . . . is that a normal fairy? Why, no. No it's not. It is a part of the inspired imagination that belongs to Camryn. Click here to read up on this brand new fairy.

But I MUST WARN YOU. Making up fairies can backfire! Your child just may have a deep unknown desire to sing in a Crying Choir. They may feel bad for children who don't have toys and will purposefully leave them out. And they may not even want ice cream. So here is MMA and MMU's disclaimer:

In the event that you do in fact make up a fairy in order to keep the sanity of you and yours, please be advised that this does not mean that peace and tranquility will ensue. In fact, it could be cloudy with a chance of Backfire. Please be advised that the making up of a new fairy could ease the fallout, but be prepared to make up yet another fairy. MMA and MMU are not responsible for the misuse of this 'fairy making-up' power.

Thank you.

Happy Monday!

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Camryn said...


HAHAHAHAHAHA! You are so stinkin creative, I died laughing! I NEED that "potty" fairy picture! THAT IS EXACTLY what I had in mind! WHY OH WHY don't I bribe you with the "blogging photoshop fairy" to do my photoshop pics? Where did you find that? I LOOKED everywhere.

Sheesh, you're talented.

The funny thing--okay demented thing--I DO create fairy's for bribery and all sorts of things around here! You not only read my mind, you posted the best plug in the history of the world because it is SOOOOOO me!

Crying children's choir....HAHAHAHA!

jordan @ mean mommy academy said...

I'm telling ya- blonde brains think alike and we are NOO exception! Especially since we share similar DNA. Scary... Feel free to steal the potty fairy pic and add it to your collection.

And didn't you know? I am finishing up my apprenticeship with the Photoshop Fairy. I'll be getting my wings soon!

Camryn said...

HAHAHA--guess what? Since I'm leaving you comments here like we're on facebook or something-- my husband just told me something super funny tonight.

He brought our 3rd youngest to me and said, "Tell mommy why you can't take your halloween candy to bed."

With somber eyes she shakes her head and says, "I have to hide it from the Snow Fairy or else she'll take my candy!"

I laughed harder when I thought of your post here. Congratz to the hubby for coming up with the "fairy" story all on his own with NO influence from me!

Jenny said...

First time to your blog - SO funny!! I just wish the cleaning fairy would show up here once in a while. :o)

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