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How many of you braved the Black Friday Crowds? For the first time ever in my life, I did so last week. And you know what? Other than standing in line for a ridiculous amount of time, it really wasn't that bad! And I now have greater faith in the buddy system. One gets in line while the other shops, then go back and switch. No kidding- saves you hours!


Today is the day that Camryn pays homage to the Christmas season by saying goodbye to fall . . .
. . . and hello to shopping mobs and groaning credit cards!

Read her delightfully funny take on the matter here!

Happy Monday!

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Camryn said...

Followers of MMA--I DEEPLY apologize for not plugging the previous post. If you have not checked it out--Do so now! SUPER creative and cute!! I love that Jordan placed me in the scooper of the tractor. No fair--I wanted to drive!

My reasons?

A) I'm a dork.

B) I'm a WAY BIG dork with dark brown roots growing out and showing through my colored blonde hair. I can't even claim to be a true blonde to this one!

C) Thanksgiving was at my house and I am STILL cleaning up from the aftermath. And, after shopping on black friday weekend and fitting 4 family photo shoots in all of that, I have forgotten I owned a computer until today.

Lame, I know--but Jordan gets props for being more creative than anyone I know when it comes to writing and posting. I'm so glad she decided to come and join the blogging world--we'd miss true talent people! AND LOTS of laughs!!

If you haven't checked it out--do so now!!

Love ya JoJo!

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