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I only have a sec! Potty training again, plus babysitting all day means little time for ME. Which is fine! But I HAD to share a funny story. Then tonight I'll post another random thought from the recesses of my mommy brain...

Potty training in the winter goes like this:

Place lack-of-bladder-controlled kid on toilet.

She screams.

"It's too cold!!"

Put princess panties back on her, sit her at the table so she can eat the soggy Captain Crunch that has been sitting there for nine hours, because that's how long it took you to fight with her to "Just pee in the Toilet!!", and turn on the heater.

Come back down to find said child-in-training peeing all over the chair.

Take now smelly child into the bathroom and order the immediate removal of Nasty Panties.

But she refuses. Why???

Because they're "warm mommy!!!".

Yep. Probably.

And I must tell you that as I was typing this, I smelled poo. Thinking I had yet another accident to clean up, I ran to my daughter. False alarm. I asked the little girl I'm babysitting if she had to go potty. "Nope! I just farted!"


And now I must go. We've colored all over ourselves and are now touching the sewing machine...

But I'll be back!

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Shan B. said...

I'm potty training my 3 yo boy & the 1st week was HORRIBLE but now I am pleased to say that he's doing awesome. Pooping in the toilet not yet but pee...he's got that one down...even standing up!! Good luck!!!

One Cluttered Brain said...

Yup! i'll be starting that potty training thing too.
Hope it goes well.

Kristi said...

Thanks for your nice compliments!!

Potty training over here too. My Riley is doing pretty good with it. Except for the fact that this morning, after about 3.5 weeks of no accidents, she decided to have a huge one on my bed, on my side. Brilliant. I love pee pee.

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