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As if I need to remind you, but Christmas is only 11 days away. ELEVEN. One-one. Are you ready?!?!
{I will take a moment here, and wait for everyone to calm back down and regain their senses.}

I don't know about you, but I feel like I haven't had the time to enjoy the holidays- they've come WAY too quickly. So here's the master plan to salvage what's left of the season:

1 | finish up Christmas gifts for students/teachers TODAY.*
2 | deep clean one room every day this week.
3 | wrap gifts {yes, there are NONE under the tree yet- they're all in my closet. I know that's dangerous leaving them there all vulnerable and exposed. That Mr. Smith is VERY sneaky.}
4 | wrap Santa gifts, stocking stuffers included this weekend. {I have a separate plastic bag for each person- I just wrap and throw them in there, then, on Christmas Eve, I just take 5 minutes to dump them out/in stockings and can head to bed and get that coveted sleep.}
5 | AFTER payday {on Saturday}, grab the last thing on my list for Mr. Smith.

{and this is exactly what I will look like when I go shopping- heels and all!}

If I can stick to the plan {I heard those snickers}, I will have all next week to feel the Christmas Spirit and focus more on the true meaning of one of the most amazing Holidays. I can do activities with the kids, make whatever cookies I want {or don't want}, and sit back and enjoy my last week of Christmas. Want to join me? Do you have a secret, a trick you might say, that you do to help you maintain your sanity through this amazing time of year?

Now, I would like you to head on over to Mean Mommy University and check out my fabulous cousin's post today. It will add a touch of Holiday Giggle to your Manic Day, the way Camryn cleverly describes Christmas Through The Ages. She has a knack for writing, and I know you won't be dissapointed . . .

{And YES, this means my internet and photo editing software are back on track! Merry Christmas to ME!}

*Easy Christmas gifts: make a glaze with powdered sugar and milk. Dip one end of a marshmallow in it. Then dip that into finely crushed peppermint candies. Once dried, stick a toothpick in the non-candied ends, and place them in a cute bag or box with packs of hot cocoa mix {Swiss Miss-$1 a box @ Walmart}. Boo-yah. DONE. And delicious. You just swirl your marshmallow in a mug of hot cocoa and enjoy!

Happy Manic Monday!

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Us and Them Make 10! said...

The Mint-mellows look really yummy!!
My way to keep calm for the Christmas season ( and it is hard with 8 children) is to try to remember that it comes ONCE a year and I do my very best to enjoy every moment, even when it is -40c!! I found this little saying a while ago and I tell my kids this..
"Christmas is not under the tree, it is in the heart"
Thanks for sharing your blog!

MoonNStarMommy said...

Ooooooooooh those peppermints look nummy... that was mean. LOL...

I'm coming back from a long blogger vacation - catching up on everyone - and I am teased with treats... LOL..

Okay okay - I do the same thing as you, with stockings. I have plastic bags for everyone and just dump them in the stockings. I don't even have our stockings up - how sad is that? Ah... I better get on that...

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