{ this 'n that and some cookie baking }

Do you ever have one of those days where you have the desire NEED to make a cookie or two? That was this morning. After a wonderful {insert sarcasm here} day yesterday, I felt that making cookies today would make it all better. Since a good night's sleep didn't do the trick. {You know those kind of dreams where the world is ending and you have to grab your children and hide in some underground cave to escape the nuclear bombs that have evaporated your homes and the homes of your neighbors, and then when it's over you have to stay there because the country that bombed your beloved country is searching {on bicycles, I might add} for survivors to exterminate? You know THOSE kind of dreams? Yeah, there was no restfulness going on in the recesses of my brain.}

What kind of crap is going on in my subconscious?

Yesterday was interesting to say the least.

Imagine pee. Then poo.

My day was filled with both.

My daughter could NOT pee in the toilet without making some kind of nasty mess.

Then she clogged the toilet with her poop. YES. You read that right. My 3 year old clogged the toilet. Disgusting. I know you didn't want to read that, but I didn't want to have to clean it. And I don't like suffering alone. She flushed her underwear down the toilet too, but our plumbing seems unaffected by that 'clog'.

Then, while showering, she opened the curtain and let it 'rain' all over the bathroom floor.


Then I received a beautiful Christmas dress my mother made, in the mail. I called her to say thank you and to tell her how well it fit my daughter. As I finished up the conversation with my mom giving me instructions that this was a dry clean only dress, my dearest little girl ran into the room screaming that her dress was all dirty. I hung up, examined the dress, and said it was not dirty. She insisted it was, so I took it off, her bare bum staring me in the face.

Please, no.

I went to look at the back of the dress, and touched something soaking wet.

I lifted it up.

Sure enough. The white fur edge was yellow. {And yes, I had just put my hand in it.}

Dry clean only. Oh well. I washed it in the bathroom sink. Brand new dress. Not even an hour old.

And THEN she pulled the pom pom off the jacket.

Not even an hour old.

That's pretty much how the day wet. Cleaning pee and poop.

In fact, I will give you proof by showing you my bathroom. Here we go:

HAHAHAHahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Just kidding. I would NEVER do that to ANYONE.

So that's why I decided cookie making was in order.

I have a major flaw { shocking, I know ;) }. I am one of the most impatient people I know. If I want something, it has to be then and now. If I'm refinishing a piece of furniture, it's like pulling out teeth waiting for the primer to dry. If I want to make cookies, I will just start, not making sure I have enough ingredients to make said cookies. {I know I have the ingredients, I just don't check to see how much I have before I begin.}

I saw these cookies online. {From Tongue-n-cheeky.com}

So cheerful. I knew I just had to try them.

So I did. I grabbed my addicted to helping me cook sweet daughter, and our Holiday aprons:

This is all you get to see of me today. Trust me. I'm doing you a favor . . .

And we began. I had to add extra white sugar to my brown sugar because I didn't quite have enough {shocker}. Then we mixed:

And rolled:

And yes, that is my daughter wearing her brother's Lightning McQueen underwear because she went through every. single. one. yesterday. They are washing as we speak . . . write . . . read . . . whatever . . .

{And that bottle of baby lotion? Costco purchase from 3 years ago. I have a love/hate relationship with that store. Things last for forever, but then they last for forever. Like shampoo. Want to try a different brand? Well wait 9 years and then you'll get your chance.}

What do you do when your recipe tells you to cut the dough into 1 inch circles and you don't have a 1 inch circular cookie cutter?

Run to the toy box and grab a shape from the John Deere puzzle thing.

Yes, I washed it. With soap. And hot water.

I cut them out, and you can see my clumps of brown sugar because I didn't want to take the time to put the hard as rock golf ball sized clumps into a food processor, so I just smashed the stuff with a fork. Therapeutic.

You can always tell how good a cookie is by the way the dough tastes. I could have eaten the entire batch right then and there.

But I couldn't make the frosting for them because I only had this much powder sugar left.

Now here come's my shameful plea: Please make these cookies {properly} and tell me how it tastes? 'Cuz I'm not going out into public in my lack of good hygiene state to retrieve the rest of the ingredients.

And please tell me if yours went hard as a rock when they cooled. I realize I probably cooked them too long, but they were so doughy after the correct amount of cooking time that I couldn't get them off the pan. So I stuck them back in the oven till I could.

BUT, they do go well with a glass of milk. To soften them up. As long as you crumble them up in tiny pieces. And eat it with a spoon. Like cereal . . .

Would I make these again? Yep. I think it's only fair, since I slaughtered this first round.

So, if anything else, make these cookies just for the dough. Then eat it. By yourself.

Especially if you've spent the day cleaning pee and poop.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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Us and Them Make 10! said...

I can understand the pee and poop thing.. Twin boys in diapers and a 3 & 4 year old who sometimes do not make it to the washroom in time and if they do, it is in so much a rush they don't get on the seat before they start to pee.. on my floor!!! So i understand!! Not sure about the cookies.. it have been the lack of the proper sugar? Try again and let us know they work out! Have a good one!

Kurt+Amy said...

Just love your story, the "joys" of mother hood they call em'....not exactly sure why though. ;) Those cookies look very delicious, so I think I will attempt them for you, I'll be sure to check my ingredients beforehand too. I tend to do the same thing. Hoping your day doesn't come with pee and poo!

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