{friday confessional }

I decided I would join Glamazon's new linky party! I know you want to join too. It's quite therapeutic...

I confess

...that right now, at this very moment, the blanket on my bed is:
my son's Transformer blanket.
{I couldn't get an actual picture of my bed because my graveyard-shift hubby is sleeping right now. With that blanket.}
And I am deeply ashamed to also note that my pillow { and for some weird reason, only my pillow } is currently covered like such:

You may be thinking that the true confession here is that I'm slacking on the laundry... but let's not try and read into that too much. ;)

Because I have a legit excuse.

I've been "with cold".

I hate my sinuses.

I would tell you my trick for clearing out the confines of a stuffed nose,
but I don't think you really want to know.

I'm just glad I have a 'system'.

That will remain a secret.


happy confessing!



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Melissa said...

Uggh, I'm with you on the sinus thing, mine are awful, plus I'm sporting a hot new cold sore. lucky, huh?

i say good job at having a blanket AND a pillow on your bed.

Why don't moms get sick days?

mintifresh said...

I think if my husband was 'in charge' those would be the sheets on our bed right now, too!

I hope you get feeling better!

Stacy said...

I am impressed your kids will share. If they saw their blanket on my bed they would snatch it back! Sorry about the snot. I feel your pain. I think winter should be banned!!

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