{ friday confessional }

t's the weekend again! And we all know what that means:

I confess

...that I always sometimes color with my kids during the talks in church.

It's not that I don't enjoy the talks or don't want to listen,
I just find that I listen so much better when my hands are busy.
And it keeps the kids entertained.
Which means they aren't screaming and making it so no one in the congregation can hear.

I feel it's a win-win for everyone.

So if you happen to see me coloring looking down while you are standing up at the pulpit,
don't be offended.
Because I am totally listening.

With my ears.

What do you have to confess?
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Hope you have an Awesome Weekend!



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Glamazon said...

I love it. I'm also coloring with the kids, and perhaps sneaking some goldfish crackers. (Come on, I'm hungry!) Yeah, but you are a waaay better artist than me. I would make you draw during church, too, so I could watch.

Thanks for playing!

mintifresh said...

I think coloring can be very soothing.

If it looks like I am texting on my phone when you are giving a talk, I'm not. I'm taking notes on my notepad. I swear. ;)

Kurt+Amy said...

I do the same thing, especially now that I have the kids use those color wonder books! Those are fun, I like to see the hidden designs. I listen better while coloring too, I just have an issue with finishing my whole picture before we leave...lol!

Wym said...

MMMMmmm. coloring is a stress buster for sure. Just found your blog! I love the title.

Here And Happy! said...

I tolerate my husband playing Free Cell on his palm pilot during church talks for the very same reasons!

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