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My head is spinning right now, it's like on info overload. And I have a headache on top of that. Plus I started my diet, and let's just say that my brain can't stay on the same track for more than 2 minutes. You know those days where you go, go, go? Yeah, that was today. It ran like a well-oiled machine, but now that it's practically over {once my kids stop fighting me on that thing they desperately need called sleep} I want to just eat my mint chocolate pudding and watch a good movie. Oh, wait. I can't eat minty chocolate pudding. Crap.

Speaking of movies- I thought I'd share a hilarious clip I saw on YouTube. Yes, I eat pudding and watch YouTube videos in my spare time. Don't you?

A lot of women out there are quite fond of the Twilight Series. Am I one of them? Hmmmm..... kinda not really as much as the next lady. But before I get burned at the stake or rocks thrown through my window with I heart Edward written all over it, in red, let me tell you there were parts about it that I really liked. I liked it enough to finish reading almost all four books in one weekend, but there was a lot about it I didn't like. At all. Which is why I read them all in one weekend. I had to skim over some parts. What parts did I skim over?

Dear Bella,

I know that Edward is gorgeous. You remind us every time you see him. But really? Every. Time. You. See. Him? Even after being away from him for only 5 minutes you mention how you forgot that his body is one that male models would envy when seeing him again. Did you really forget? I haven't even met him and I can't forget that he is the Epitomy of Angelic Beauty. But if you really did somehow forget, please don't go on and on and on. We get the picture. We got the picture after book one. It kinda made me roll my eyes and gag towards the end there. So please keep the gawking to a minimum. I'm not saying don't gawk at all, just keep it down. 'Cuz Heaven knows I would gawk. I just wouldn't drone on about it. Three books later.

Sincerely, Jordan.

So to those who may or may not agree with me {yes, I realize that the droning on about beauty was to define a point}, here's a video that any woman can laugh at:

Because I have a pic of Edward on the wall by my bed....
And the lone guy in the theater! HA! I laughed super hard...
"Every time she see's Edward she says Oh Yeah.
Every time she see's Jacob she says Oh Yeah...."
STILL laughing.

And yes, I really did read the last 3 books in one weekend, but I am a speed reader {so there was no family abandonment because I only read at night}. For some reason I always have been able to read fast. In fact it's impossible for me to read slow. Anyone else like that? Sometimes it drives me nuts. The adventure is over all too quickly...



ps- seriously hope no one unfollows me because I am not addicted to Twilight, 'cuz I really did like most of it. And speaking of following, read this if you have problems with MMA in your google reader. ; )

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Kurt+Amy said...

That was so hilarious! I LOVED it! I too am a speed reader, I just want to know the end and not have to wait forever. I think I'm going to share your post on my blog because that video is just too funny not to spread.

Amanda said...

That is so funny! I totally agree with you though, I loved Twilight, but not everything about it and I really am not a huge fan of the movies at all. But if you really want to die laughing, watch this Twilight trailer spoof, it kills me EVERY time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dompotjTeIA

Sunny said...

K I was just wandering around your blog and came across this post all I have to say is...EXACTLY!!! I did the VERY same thing. I was skimming and rolling my eyes by the end of book ONE! Stephenie Meyer is a good author but the second by second recount if every twitch of the rippling muscles is a bit much. And it's not only Twilight I was reading another book of hers out loud with my husband and had to stop because it is just excruciating to read all that out loud. {shudder} ( Did you feel the twitching rippling muscles?) That being said I too really liked most of it...it's just that other part that makes me embarrassed to say so.

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