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Camryn's post gave me a good laugh today. Do you use your bathtub as a hamper? If I had a separate tub and shower, then perhaps the edge of my tub would end up being the 'catch all' for dirty laundry. But unlike Camryn, I do use my tub. The funny thing is that I shower first. And then start up the Bubbles of Heavenly Silence {-ish}.

And I don't lock my door.


Because my kids have a sixth sense. They can sense when mommy has locked the door and constantly have 'needs', banging on the door, screaming that so-and-so touched them, crying hysterically, etc. But if I don't lock the blasted door, they do their own thing merrily.

It's crazy, but true.

But back to Camryn's story- read about her dirty laundry here! And as always:

Happy Monday!



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Jess said...

I read Cam's post toO! It was hysterical but unlike her I too used my bath tub. Only like you I had to shower first because ew! My special tub time didn't happen often, only when the "twitching" would start anew. ;)

Once my hubby saw the beginnings of me losing it, he knew that I would be locking the door to our bathroom soon...course he could also tell when I dragged every candle in the house into our bathroom, along with my mp3 player full of music.

He knew that if anybody knocked on that door before I walked out of my own free will (usually 2 hours later) that there would be blood spilled that day!!! LOL

I really enjoy reading both yours & Camryn's blogs so much! Thank you for helping me laugh away my days!

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