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Happy Anniversary to my hunk-of-burnin'-love! I can't believe it's been eight years since me and the mister tied the knot! And yes, if you do the math correct, we were married on 02.02.2002. And yes, that was on purpose. ;-) So here's to eight wonderful {most of the time} years . . .
{Yes, that is snow. And yes, I am shaking like a leaf, trying my darnedest to smile. And no, it's not your monitor, the picture really is fuzzy.}

. . . and hoping for at least eight more!

{impromptu photo}

And when we are done with our stupid, crazy, insane, but-it's-working diet, I'm going to take him out to dinner. And he's going to take me out to dinner. And we'll gorge ourselves silly.

To celebrate.



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One Cluttered Brain said...

Happy Anniversary! Have a great night!

Jess said...

Happy Anniversary!!

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