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So Amy at handprintsoftheheart.blogspot.com gave me the coveted Honest Scrap Award. Even though you can't see me, I'm still doing a little Improvisational Riverdance Jig. Trust me, you should be thanking your lucky stars that you can't see me. It's quite embarrassing. And rumors are floating around my family that there is actual video footage of this monstrosity.

But I digress...

I usually don't pass on awards {one, I'm lazy busy, and two, there are too many great blogs to choose from, which makes me feel guilty if I leave someone out}. But I feel that every now and then, the situation arises where blogs should be named. And awarded. The rules? State 10 Facts about yourself that people don't know, then tag 10 people {let them know by leaving a comment on their blog}, and last give credit to the person who gave it to you! Now let's begin:
1 | I did not graduate from high school. WHA?!?!?!? Nope- 'cuz I was home schooled from 3rd grade on. How's that for shocker? {And yet, I can navigate my way around a computer way better than Mr. Smith, who like, did. Graduate that is.}

2 | I've been asked if I am related to Naomi Watts. You be the judge.

3 | I would kill to be 5'4". Sadly, I never reached 5'1".

4 | I still own and wear a pair of pants from jr. high. Black nylon athletic pants with a white stripe down the sides aren't too out of style, right?

5 | I'm obsessed with refinishing furniture. Here's a few before and afters {excuse the blurriness}:

6 | I heart me a good book. C.S. Lewis just happens to be my favorite author.of.all.time.

7 | I also 'curl up' and 'hang out' with books I have multiple copies of.

{idea from here and here}

8 | Even though I love all animals, big and small, I am a dog person. And even though I love all kinds of dogs, big and small, I am a BIG dog person. My dog of choice? The German Rottweiler of course. Seriously people- we owned one. {Had to get rid of him before we moved and I STILL cry when I think too much about it. But he went back to live with his mommy, so it was good.} I have never met a dog so loyal and loving. Mr. Smith said we could get another one when we get our own house. Or a yard.

{The photos of our dog are stuck on my mom's computer, but he looked just like this one [found here]. As soon as she is able to get those pics to me, I'll switch it.}

9 | You will never meet anyone with worse car luck than me and my hubby. Two Octobers ago, we were on car #19 {used Acura Integra} in our almost 7 years of marriage. It was leaking oil into the radiator. Bad sign. So me being the GENIUS that I am, said I want to go down and buy a brand new car {even though car #17 was brand new- just happened to be a Toyota lemon} so we don't have to worry about fixing it or having it breaking down. And I insisted on either Nissan or Subaru. We got a Nissan Frontier {love}. Went to start it yesterday. Wouldn't even click. Lights worked, so battery wasn't dead. It's not even a year and a half old yet. Called a tow company to take it to the service department. Diagnosis? Battery is bad. And they don't know why the check engine light is on. Sweet. Starter? Ignition? Electrical? Who knows. All I know is that we're cursed. And here's proof: Car #18 {used Toyota 4-runner} blew a head gasket 3 days after we bought it. Car #10 {used Chevy Suburban} got stolen. And was used in a hit and run. Car #9 {another suburban- I used my angry eyes on Mr. Smith} was a scam. Car #12 {used Ford F-150} was returned to the dealer because they "accidentally" wrote down an extra $2000 for the down payment and then a month later realized this and demanded that we pay it. ?? Okay- here's the truck back. Car #17 {used Honda Civic} got broken into and gutted in a Walmart parking lot. Car #14 {Isuzu Trooper} decided to have steering wheel problems a year after we bought it- of course it manifested this problem while I was driving. Almost lost control of the car. And my bladder. And the list goes on. All the other cars {with the exception of one Toyota Tacoma that was a dealership scam- do NOT go to Brent Brown Toyota in UT. They twist their words and paraphrase contracts so you think you're getting something else when you're not}, where little tuner cars 'cuz Mr. Smith has a really bad addiction hobby of tinkering with cars. Which has put us and saved us in our Car Conundrums- seriously. Our luck could be worse. Thankfully I have someone who knows his way around an engine. Until yesterday. Pray that my baby's problems will be covered under warranty, ok?

10 | I am a firm believer that if fact #9 is really long, it counts as two facts.

And here are the lucky bloggers I picked, in no particular order:

Now you lucky 10-ers, feel free to accept the award, or not, but we'd love to get to know you better and see who you would nominate, but no pressure, k? And now I bid you all a fond farewell- we're off to Texas for a week! I may post something tomorrow before we leave, but also remember to check in Monday over at MMU to see what Cam has in store.



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Camryn said...

Funny, I didn't know you were addicted to refinishing furniture...I just refinished an entertainment center, sold it, and I am now doing a second dresser as we speak. (DI and classifieds are the way to go!)

BTW--the brent brown thing--yeah. They sold us (years ago) a year old durango. 12 hours later it died. The problem? It was the computer chip that functions everything--stereo, lights, it even functions the battery somehow...or something like that. Anyway, I was driving and it lost all power and I nearly crashed. Luckily the brakes worked, but not the power steering.

Long story short--the jerks said we either pay for their car's problem ($2500+ the price of the car. We hadn't signed all the finishing papers yet.)or they were going slap a lawsuit against us. We eventually came to an agreement and they forced us to pick another car off their lot in one hour--or else WE were going to get sued. Lovely.

Sorry about your car woes. :(

Hey--is one of your wreaths a "Twilight" wreath? Hahaha...
(All those torn pages...theraputic? Lol.)

♥ ya!

Heather said...

Congrats on your award, I love reading your lists. I have been following your blog for a while. Me and my hubby have bad car luck too! Thanks for that award!

Wym said...

Thank you so much for the award! I am really enjoying your blog. I am 6'1 can you imagine if we hung out in real life? I envy your creativity. I want to learn to make a book wreath! A tutorial post would be awesome!

Glamazon said...

Thanks for the award! Poor thing, I'm sorry about your car luck. That is no fun. Holy moly, you are so crafty! The wreaths, the furniture, I love it, but I have no talent, so I would totally pay someone to do it for me :)

Kurt+Amy said...

Definitely agree with the Naomi Watts look alike thing. You have some MAJOR talent there girl, I LOVE the refinished furniture. I find it hilarious that you posted those because I was just saying t my husband how I would love to refinish our old furniture- it's seriously in need of help. Looks like I found a great teacher! :) Maybe you can pass some how to tips and tricks my way.
The car thing is crazy!! Maybe you should give up all together and invest in a plane...lol.

Sherri said...

You have a fantastic blog!!!!

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

I just have to follow you know. I started reading your blog and I couldnt stop. You are so clever. Thanks for the blog award. Im very flattered.

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