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So m.m.a has been m.i.a. last week due to life and me being blonde. Okay, really it's more just me being blonde, but heck, I feel sooo much better just blaming it on life. I was talking to my cousin last night {not Camryn, another one- we've got a big family} and we were laughing at the fact that we are completely perfect until we have 'Oops Days'. I always wake up at 6am- exercised, showered and make-uped, have a delicious hot breakfast ready for my kids, complete with multi-vitamins. My son is always early for school, I always have motivational projects that stimulate my daughter's brain ready every day, we have a healthy snack in between, sensible lunch, skip to the park to play, then arrive at the school early to get her brother, come home to another delicious snack of carrot and celery sticks, I am in total control when I teach for 2 hours after school, and then we eat a delicious dinner which I placed into the crock pot at noon so as to be ready when I am done teaching. We then eat all together at the dinner table, everyone helps clean up, we get our homework done early and read for an hour all the wonderful books my kids can get their hands on. Then teeth are brushed, prayers are said, and they slip into wonderful slumber as I sing a soft lullaby.

Yep. All that happens. Except on my 'Oops Days'.

And they seem to come around about 362 days out of the year.

But other than that,
I have the perfect life.

{And please don't do the math on that one. How 'bout we ALL live in my fantasy, k?}

Anyway, {rambling} check out the commercial Camryn posted and super cute sibling rivalry story here AND then go here to enter a fabulous giveaway from Mooregirly.com. I'm just wondering if I am eligible to enter...

And while I'm on the computer NOT being blonde- cute Amy@handprintsoftheheart.blogspot.com gave me a wonderful award! So I'm off to try and come up with 10 different things you may not know about me, and pick JUST 10 people to give the award to. There are so many great blogs out there- I hate trying to decide! So stay tuned...

happy monday!



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Kurt+Amy said...

The whole time I'm reading it I'm thinking WOW she makes me look horrible, then the more involved it got I was thinking what a second!! Then I got to the 362 days a yr oops....whew...I feel better now. LOL. Thanks for the lil plug there girly, can't wait to read your ten randoms. :)

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