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I was having one-of-those-chats with Mr. Smith on how overwhelming my life seems to be right now. Do you ever have those moments? With the cleaning and the cooking, the laundry, the homework, finances {including getting screwed by a nursing school that ran off with everyone's money, and then Mr. Smith couldn't graduate because the state closed it down, and then the bank still wants you to pay them back. Then we finally get a lawyer to resolve it, but the damage is done and has completely killed our credit} and then taking my afternoons teaching piano. I sometimes want to scream "A moment for me, please!".

So if you need a Moment, just for you, please take the time to watch this- it's my favorite:
{warning: they do say *ass*}

They're called literal music videos- they dub in their own words to match what's going on in the music video. Which is nice- 'cuz sometimes I think "What the crap did that video have to do with the song?" Apparently I am not alone in this thought process. But they have done something about it... and it's super funny! These ones are pretty darn good, too:




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Kurt+Amy said...

Oh my that was a good one! First time I saw one of those my sis in law showed it to me, I don't go on youtube so I love it when people send the videos or post the good ones. She showed me one crazy 80's one with a girl singing but it was one of those lieteral videos, love em! Anyway sorry things are stressful for you, hope things get better! I have those moments often! Oh the life of a sahm. ;)

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