{ friday confessional }

I'm sooo ready for the weekend. And this:

I confess

. . . that I'm like a kid at Christmas when my kids come home with these:
Anyone else addicted to Scholastic?
I would buy every single book on that book order if I was a trillionaire.

I like books.

Especially when they have wicked-awesome pictures.

That makes it just that much better.

You don't want to know how old I am in real life.
Just that I'm about 7-ish in My World.

How old are you? Confess your age here!

Have an awesome Valentine's Weekend!

Here's hoping ONE of my Valentine Gifts is something along this line:

{comic from here}



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Glamazon said...

Love.the.book.orders. Seriously! I could order everything on there!

Thanks for playing!

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