{ sunday scene }

7:20 pm
{please, please, please let the Colt's win . . .}

I am so stinkin' upset. Why? I have absolutely NO clue.
I just wanted the Colts to win.
I may or may not have cheated on my diet by eating 2 cookies and 6 cinnamon hearts.
And I'm not supposed to have ANY sugar.
That's how upset I am.

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I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

hey- I found your blog through Mean Mommy University. Love it! I am now following!!

Kurt+Amy said...

Hmmm I was rooting for the Saints, for no particualr reason other than their name is in Latter Day Saint...lol. Can you tell I follow football? I procrastinated this whole wkend, now it's time to kick my own butt this week to get it off. Why does it have to taste so good but yet feel so bad afterwards? (ya know like when you're trying to squeeze your butt back into the jeans that fit you 2 days ago?!)

Blogger said...

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