{ friday confessional }

Happy Friday ya'll! Not only am I excited for today because we get our taxes done to see much we'll pay the government the government owes us, but it's also time for:

I confess

. . . I only know what time it is based on the cartoon that's on.
Not the clock.

* At It's-A-Big-World o'clock, it's time for showers and breakfast.

* At Sesame-Street o'clock, it's time to brush teeth, put on shoes, make sure homework's done and find jackets so we're not late for school.

* At Super-Why o'clock, it's snack time.

* At Clifford o'clock, Em should lay down for a nap. But doesn't.

* At Word-World o'clock, it's time for lunch.

* At Cyber Chase o'clock, it's time to pick up J.D. from school.

* At Maya-and-Miguel o'clock, it's time for me to start teaching piano lessons.

* At Fetch o'clock it's time for dinner {if I'm not teaching that day}.

Hmmm.....I think I have another confession.

My kids don't even really watch the TV that seems to be on all day.
They're off in their rooms, or playing with toys in instead of watching the TV.

Which means PBS kids isn't on for them.

It's on for me.


All right- it's time for you to confess- link up your post here and join the therapy group fun!

Have an awesome weekend!



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Glamazon said...

hahahahaha, I love it! Who needs one of those fancy-pants clocks when we have PBS kids?

Thanks for playing!

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

I hear you! I do the same thing, and yes, it IS PBS kids. Though, for us, it's snack time at Sid The Science Kid. Super Why is just a bonus, and it taught my son to read. who says TV isn't educational? LOL.

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