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Last weekend I found out that I had strep. Awesome. So I did the completely natural thing that anyone would do and did. absolutely. nothing.
Which was nice.
For a while.

After a sweat infused three days, I finally have the dishes under control {and the smell}, the kids rooms cleaned and vacuumed {because for some reason they can't seem to do that on their own. grrr.} and furniture rearranged. {Because I had to clean out from underneath couches. So why not change things up?}

It's amazing how much crap piles up when you do nothing for two days. That's right. It only takes two days for your whole world to become so horrific that it would {and should} be declared a state of national emergency. Send in the reinforcements. Mom hasn't done dishes or cleared the table in two days.

Because I did such a good job of tackling the project of Operation Clean Rescue House, in making it somewhat liveable again {without the use of a hose, I might add}, I decided to treat myself with yet another project. I bought this baby off craigslist for $30:

Why on earth would I actually pay money for such a hideous thing? Let alone a whoppin' $30 bucks? Because I want you to look at those legs....

See those hairpin beauties? The cheapest I found them online was $12 each here. 12 dollars EACH {I saw them for $50 each at another site}. Sadly, I ordered 4 of them already before I saw this table. So I guess I now have them for another project.

I won't complain. ;)

I am in the process of coming up with a masterful plan. It looks good in my head, but, as we all know, my head is where the problems start. So we'll see...

Stay tuned!


*original images from here and here*

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Pearl said...

I can't wait to see what you do with your latest project. And awesome you were able to tackle all the household duties. Man, I hate being sick, but hate the clean-up that comes afterward worse!

Emmy said...

Sorry you were sick. And yes very intrigued to see what you do with those legs :)

Sarah loves it all said...

Can't wait!!

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