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It's no fun loosing a pet. Especially a dog.
Camryn had to say goodbye to their 'family member' a couple weeks ago.
But then Mr. Of Camryn brought something home that will make the coldest of hearts say:

Read her story here. ;)

And I am now super jealous and spent part of my day looking at these:
.image found here.

Have a wonderful week!


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Liz Kirkby said...

We adopted a Rotti (4yrs old). He is a VERY good dog, but threatening enough to strangers and strange neighbors to keep them away;) I <3 it!!! He is a sweetheart to our 6 kids, especially my 4 yr old who can't get enough of him. Good luck !

DustyLu said...

Beautiful post! Love the puppies! Congrats on your Happy 101 award! Love your blog! ~lulu

Sarah loves it all said...

AW! Those are adorable!

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