{ purging the clutter }

Spring is here. I have been basking in 70 degree weather, the smell of freshly cut grass, and windows open, a soft light breeze causing the sheers to look like ocean ripples. Then waves. Then tsunamis. And blows things off counters, causing yet another mess for me to clean up.



I have decided that I have too much crap. I am not a pack rat, but my tightwad mind gets the better of me at times. The classic thought "I need to save this- one day I will have a use for it" constantly plagues the deep recesses of my brain.

I've been getting better, though. I have discovered a new high that only donating to Goodwill can bring. Refreshing, invigorating, relieving, liberating- I love it!

My sweetheart has mixed feelings.

'Cuz I seem to be more willing to get rid of his junk stuff before mine. Oh well. Baby steps, right?

I have another confession. I like things that smell good. Like lotion.

Oh, yes. The lotion bottles. I have eleven-teen billion of them plaguing my bathroom cabinets and storage. All used. Because... I need change. Not the major life altering change, just little changes, like, rearranging furniture, new hair cut or color, jr. high wardrobe revamp- oh wait. That last one is life altering. Scratch it.

So I like to use different flavors on different days. To match the mood. {Doesn't everyone?}

But no more!!! I am purging my lotion stash! 7 year old vanilla spice lotion, 3 year old orange cream lotion, 2 year old pumpkin spice lotion: This is your eviction notice!!!

But do not worry my sweet containers of yummy smellingness. I will send you to a good home.

Which leads me to announce
another mma giveaway!
{insert screams of pure giddiness here}

One of you lucky readers will win...
my Supply of Partially-Used Lotion!!

You will have 5 chances to win. All you have to do is leave a separate comment telling me:

1 | what your favorite lotion flavor is.

2 | that you blogged about this giveaway.

3 | that you tweeted about this giveaway.

4 | how old your lotion bottles are.

5 | mayonnaise or miracle whip?

You have until midnight on March 31st to enter this awesome giveaway. {I know, don't cry. I really am this generous.} I will be using Random.org to pick my winner!

So get those fingers flying across your keyboard and
good luck!!




April Fools!

Don't fear. I would never give away nasty lotion bottles to you, dear readers, no matter how good they smell. ;)

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Lali Johnson said...

I'm not gonna lie, I was like "hunh, big spender :)"


April Fools!

Wym said...

You, my friend, got me. I was going to post that I could not possible handle another bottle in my stash. PS- Pumpkin spice is kinda gross. PPS- I love purging clutter. Good Luck!

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