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Camryn's post reminded me of a conversation Mr. Smith had with his brother awhile back. They used to listen to some pretty interesting stuff. You know that crank up the bass so the windows shatter/rap kinda stuff. It's no wonder their parents always complained about the kind of music they listened to. {And I still have to regulate the radio when we are in the car.}

So the boys were laughing at the excuse they gave mom and dad for their choice of music. {Have you heard this one before?} "But it has a good beat!" Yeah, when they finally listened to the actual lyrics, it was apparent that maybe those songs belonged somewhere else.

{AKA trash.}


I guess I fall under the category of liking a song for the beat, even though I don't know what the lyrics are. But I have an even better excuse.

"I'm blonde."

I can sit there and try and try to figure out what they are saying, but sometimes it's impossible. {Do people even know how to enunciate?} I would love to sing along, but I find myself making up the words I don't know. I listen really carefully to the vowels... which is key. As long as you sing the right vowels, no one will know that you have no clue what the words are.

After researching the vowels, make up your own words.

A good example is Camryn's husband. The story is here.

You know what? Actually it's a terrible example.

Since when do Revlon and Rain sound the same?

Point in case.

Listen to the vowels people. The vowels.

And the beat.


Happy Sing-A-Long Monday!



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